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10 questions for: Tjardo Vollema, Misters of the Netherlands and Man of the World Netherlands

Our first 10 questions for… in 2022 are for Tjardo Vollema. Tjardo is the current Misters of the Netherlands and also holds the Man of the World Netherlands title. Currently he is preparing for the international

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10 Questions for Manhunt International Netherlands 2019, Paul Luzineau

Manhunt International Netherlands 2019/2020 Paul Luzineau has been preparing for the international finals for quit a long time. He won the Misters of The Netherlands pageant last year in April and since then the preparations started.

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Misters of The Netherlands 2019

Last Sunday the second and last casting for the new Mister of the Netherlands pageant was held at the WorldHotel Wings in Rotterdam.The CEO of this male pageant is the talented Ryan Sheikrojan who started last

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