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Nathalie makes the top 20 at Miss Grand International 2021

Miss Grand Netherlands 2021, Nathalie Mogbelzada made the top 20 at the finals of Miss Grand International. The pageant, held for the 9th time, took place in Thailand. The competition started in Phuket and the finals

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Nathalie Mogbelzada is Miss Grand Netherlands 2021

In the 2021 edition of Miss Grand International, the Netherlands will be represented by our 9th representative. 12 Months of Beauty is proud to announce that Miss Grand Netherlands 2021 is Nathalie Yasmin Mogbelzada, 24 years

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10 Questions for Miss Supranational Netherlands 2019, Nathalie Mogbelzada

For the most of the grand slam pageants, the Netherlands  have selected blond girls this year. But Miss Supranational Netherlands 2019 is an exception. She is the beautiful brunette Nathalie Mogbelzada. Nathalie was crowned during the

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