Top 15, Miss Nederland 2016

news 09 jun 2016
Top 15, Miss Nederland 2016

Last sunday the big casting for the most important pageant of the year in the Netherlands took place: Miss Nederland 2016. Near 100 girls were invited to come to Hilversum and show the judges why they should be on of the 15.
These 15 girls will go to Ibiza this weekend.
Among the 15 some names we already know: Miss Grand Netherlands 2014, Francis Everduim, Shauny Bult who represented the Netherlands already at the Miss Earth pageant, the Miss International pageant and the Miss Grand pageant. Also Kelly van der Dungen represented the Netherlands already at an international pageant.
One of the girls will be crowned Miss Nederland 2016 in september and represent the Netherlands at the Miss World and the Miss Universe pageant (When possible).

On the picture: Jessie Jazz, Miss Nederland 2016 together with 15 of the most beautiful girls of the Netherlands.


the 15 are:

  • Kelly van den Dungen
  • Shauny Bult
  • Francis Everduim
  • Maartje Ling
  • Michelle van Sonsbeek
  • Esther de Haan
  • Romena Verwaasdonk
  • Denise Zwier
  • Djerra Zwaan
  • Charlotte Jonkers
  • Emily van Tongeren
  • Jessica Wohrmann
  • Sezen Cayir
  • Zoe van den Koelen
  • Tiffany van der Zon
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