Will she become Miss Grand Netherlands 2017?… Robin Engels

news 05 mrt 2017
Will she become Miss Grand Netherlands 2017?… Robin Engels

Miss Grand International will be held for the 5th time. Since 2013 this pageant has grown to be one of the grand slam pageant in the world. Last year Las Vegas was the host city and this year the pageant will be held in Ho Chi Min stad in Vietnam.
Miss Grand Netherlands has been selected by Robin and Stefan form 12 Months of Beauty since the beginning of the pageant. They have been quit successful in the pageant with beautiful “Grand” ladies like Talisa Wolters, Francis Everduim, Shauny Bult and last year the lovely Floor Masselink.
On march 26th a new Miss Grand Netherlands will be crowned in Aalsmeer.

Who will she be? There are 8 just incredible woman who participate in te pageant. We will introduce them to you one by one, the last of the 8 beautiful finalists:

8: Robin Engels

Robin Engels, who is 1.69 meters, wants to show the world that it’s not about the height but it’s about the beauty: “I may not have the long legs, I use them to stand strong and be confident!”. She also believes that as long as you have a future ahead of you, one can be a beauty queen.
Robin Engels is 21 years old and lives in Heythuysen, a very small village in Limburg where around 8400 people live. Although a small village, the people there, like to call it “Little Paris”.
She studied economy and works a lot as model.
After some years years working as a model she now is ready for a new career: the one of beauty queen. Robin is very spontaneous and very careful, that should make her the new Miss Grand Netherlands.

to follow the girls:

www.missgrand.nl and on facebook


Photography: Johnny the Have
MUH: Dutch Beauty Academy by Sanjay Ramcharan
Dress: Bjorn Kersten
Jewelry: BaroQco Jewels

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