10 Questions for… Floor Masselink

10 Questions for… Floor Masselink

She is the fourth girl to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Grand International pageant; Floor Masselink. She is also the fourth girls to be send to this pageant, by Robin and Stefan of 12 Months of Beauty.
Floor Masselink was first noticed by the Robin and Stefan at the Miss Beauty of Drenthe 2015 finals, where Stefan was one of the judges. Floor didn’t win but became 1st runner-up at this pageant. Floor won the honor to be Miss Grand Netherlands 2016 over 3 other beauty’s after a short period of  pre-pageant activities.
Floor started her preparations for the pageant and will be wearing beautiful gowns specially designed by Bjorn Kersten who has been respectable for the last tw0 final dresses for Miss Grand Netherlands 2014, Francis and 2015, Shauny, who are both finalists at the Miss Nederland 2016 pageant.
the Miss Grand finals wil take place in oktober in the city of Las Vegas. It is for the first time the pageant ill take place outside of Thailand, where the pageant was born in 2013. The Netherlands are always big crowd favorites at this pageant and both Talisa, Miss Grand Netherlands 2013 and Shauny made the top 20.

Who is Floor Masselink and how is she preparing? We asked her 10 questions…


Who is Floor Masselink?
Floor Masselink is a happy, creative, strong and energetic young woman. Living in the city of students in Groningen. I study Communication & Multi Media Design. Besides studying, I work as a hostess/model. I really love exercising. I run, play volleyball and I like to do body fit. In stressful periods I do yoga to relax. My other interests are cooking and traveling. I love exploring new cultures, I think it’s both amazing and wonderful how many different cultures exist in the world. In my opinion, we can all learn from each other.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
I participated in two local pageants before. Miss Emmen & Miss Beauty of Drenthe.

The first time was in 2015, Miss Emmen, Emmen is the city where i was born and raised. Different people around this Miss pageant asked me to join this pageant. I was 19 years old and a little insecure about myself but I won the title Miss Photogenic.

Miss beauty of Drenthe, Drenthe is the province were I lived that moment. I won the title first runner up Miss Beauty of Drenthe. Looking back, I am forever grateful that I had these experiences. It helped me a lot to feel more confident. Now that I am Miss Grand Netherlands I feel so proud and grateful.
Miss Grand Netherlands always has a large fanbase abroad. How are you going to live up to the expectations of the fans?
Yes, it’ s amazing! How I am going to live up the expectations of the fans? I will try to post an update on facebook every week. My worldwide fans can follow me and see what daily life brings me. I am not used to this but I will do my very best to live up the expectations of the fans.

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How are you preparing for the international pageant? What area do you need to work on the most?
As I just finished my degree it is first year, the pageant is my first priority for now. I work out five days a week and every morning I make a fresh green smoothie. My roommates are me helping out with English practice and specially for me we talk English instead of Dutch at home. Besides that I am going to have catwalk training and I am busy searching for all my outfits for Miss Grand International!

In daily life the dutch people don’t experience war, but the Netherlands have to deal with conflicts abroad as they did in the past. What can you tell the visitors of Miss Holland Now about this?
Every year on the 4th of May, the Netherlands commemorates the victims of World War II. The Netherlands is the only country in Europe that commemorates the victims of the Second World War and celebrates its liberation on two separate but consecutive days. We remember the dutch victims of wartime violence on 4 May, and on 5 May we celebrate our freedom.

What makes you a typical dutch woman and how will you use that in the international pageant?
I am a typical Dutch woman because I am down to earth. I never think twice about decisions or anything else, which makes me very spontaneous and fun to be around. I am very dedicated to everything I do and I also do it with a lot of passion and fun. I think I always make the best out of anything and I never stop smiling.

You will represent the Netherlands at Miss Grand in Las Vegas, the city of glitter and glamour. In the Netherlands we are very down to earth. How will you combine that?
I think Las Vegas and The Netherlands is a perfect combination. While the glitter and glamour can make everything hectic, the Dutch inside me will keep me calm and patient. I will always be myself and nothing will ever change that. Let the beauty of Las Vegas come to me!

foto2 floor masselink

Miss Grand is not very well known in the Netherlands. What will you do to change that?
I will definitely do my best to make it as known as I can. I have contact with different kinds of media, such as news papers and social media. I also have a personal Instagram and Facebook account where fans can follow me. I am just at the beginning of my year, but I have some great plans and partnership coming to make this year to remember!

What is your life’s motto and how are you living it?
“If you can dream it, you can do it!” Everybody has to make the best of his life! This is a very important lesson in life to me. There is nothing more scary than doing something you don’t dare to do, but just doing that, you meet people you otherwise wouldn’t meet, you come in places you otherwise wouldn’t have seen and you are on the way to your dreams. I rather take risks than waiting on the side in my safe haven. So you don’t know how long you live and you have to make the best out of everyday! So If you doubt about something just try! And then you can decide and have fun, enjoy life!

How about Floor in 10 years?
In 10 years… So when I am 31 years old.
I hope am still a very happy, healthy and strong person. I hope that in 10 years from now, I feel like I helped to achieve world peace.

Floor Miss Grand Netherlands 2016

Thanks Floor and we will follow you on your journey to Las Vegas

photography: Johnny ten Have
Beach Wear: Luli Fama
Hot pants and top: Bjorn Kersten
Hair: Sanjay for Dutch Beauty Academy
Make-up: Nahanni for Dutch Beauty Academy
Jewels and crown: BaroQco Jewels

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