10 questions for… Deborah van Hemert

10 questions for… Deborah van Hemert

Deborah van Hemert is Miss Earth Netherlands 2016. She won this prestigious title over 3 other finalists. The national pageant was held in Amsterdam and had 4 participants: Miss Earth Netherlands South, East, West and North. The judges had a hard task to find the winner, as the contestants were of very high level and the girls were noticed by many international blogs and websites.
Deborah is very beautiful young woman, who is really preparing herself for the international pageant.

We asked Deborah 10 questions…


Who is Deborah van Hemert?
Someone with a very strong personality, but also someone with a very big heart for human and earth. My family and friends are very important to me next to that I high value honesty and respect to everyone. I am a person who is always cheerful and laughing. Really patient and understanding, I see the good in things and live with a positive mind. I like to be busy, get the best out of myself. And I’m a thankful person, I appreciate little things in life. Proud of my origin and being raised by two cultures.
I believe in sharing, I believe that if I am lucky to have a beautiful life, being surrounded by caring people, health, food, having more than I need, I believe that it is destined to share my luck and love with the ones who don’t have this. I’m Adventurous, love exploring the world, see the beauty of our earth and learn about different cultures. I strive for equality, I’m against judging people by where they were born, by their culture, their hair color or skin color or the one they love, against all forms of discrimination. I am very dedicated to my norms and values. 

After all, I’m just a woman loving life, fighting for my goals, and trying to do the best.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
In 2015 I was scouted for my first beauty pageant, at that moment I was at the age of 19 and was full of discovering life. Even though I was terrified, I always loved challenges and thought it would be good to step out of my comfort zone. I signed up, and unbelievably I won my first title.. my adventure began. I was so inspired, if you really want something and you fight for it you can achieve anything. A passion developed for beauty pageants, to do better and make a difference.

You were Miss Earth Netherlands South 2016. Can you tell the visitors of Miss Holland Now about the road to Miss Earth Netherlands 2016?

For me it was really impressive. I started the journey with zero expectation but many goals. I was very motivated to contribute in helping the earth, learning about how we can achieve a cleaner earth and what the possibilities are in saving our planet. It was and still is a great learning process. Next to that it was a road were I learned so much about myself, the biggest lesson was never give up. If you have a dream, if you got a goal you fight for what you stand for and you can achieve anything. It was heart warming to meet this organization (12 Months of Beauty), who didn’t judge me on my hair color or where I came from. Giving us all an equal chance to prove ourselves. I admire them for this. 

During the road we have participated in many projects and events. We were allowed to do this all in our own way. Had a lot of fun finding out and brainstorm how we can help out. I was repeatedly surprised how many people reacted so nice and wanted to assist. It shows the good of people, they just need to be a little inspired. Being a finalist you show your personality, spread your message, show commitment and effort. At the end of the road, I feel like we are all winners for trying to help saving the earth.

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Why do you think the judges chose you to be the winner?
I think it’s because I did my best proving myself by developing myself learning from all criticism and advices. That I’ve shown a lot of commitment and being really passionate about the pageant. I worked hard, and was willing to work even harder. I care for others and made it my mission to help in saving our earth. I am very driven. But also I’m very down to earth, easy to get along with. I think with the characteristics I’ve shown and the way I presented myself they think I have a good chance at the Miss Earth pageant that might be why they chose me.
One of the assignments of Miss Earth Netherlands was to create a project concerning the environment. Can you tell us more about your project?

I have this idea. I believe in the good of people. We just all need a little of inspiration, I want to spread my message around the Netherlands starting by the next generation. They are energetic an in eager to learn about this subject if we present it to them in a fun way. Like activities in forest and at the same time providing information about how important our trees are. I want to make a short documentaries that shows the damage we do to our earth, I want to motivate people and inspire them that we can do different in form of a speech next to the documentaries. Because we can’t cure the problem we are dealing with right now, global warming, climate change. But if we ALL start today, leaving a green foot print we CAN stop making it worse.

How are you preparing for the international pageant? In which areas are you developing?
Still learning every day more about our planet, recently I started watching documentaries about the earth every night together with my father he likes to watch these to. I get so inspired every time, for example last time we watched one about the ocean how it’s been damaged by humans about all the dead parts in the sea where there is no live anymore. I think it’s knowledge that gives power in speaking in public to bring your message. Also it grows my passion and makes me more motivated to accomplish my project concerning the environment. Next to that I am working out twice a week with a personal trainer and 3 times on my own to get in great shape. I am eating healthy and feel much more energetic. Working on my presentation and my catwalk skills.

You are from the province of Zeeland: a very special province because of the Deltawerken. Can you tell us more about this.
The Delta Works is a defense system in the Netherlands to protect against flooding from the sea. These Delta Works are particular in the province Zeeland. After the big flood in 1953 a committee came together to make plans to prevent a similar disaster in the future. There were build dams all around Zeeland to stop the water flood. With the biggest project Oosterscheldekering.
The unique salt water environment in the Oosterschelde would in fact be the brunt of the in creased security. Not only the environment but also the fish population would suffer a damming of the Oosterschelde. In 1976, the Hague ripe for an alternative: there was a plan on the table where the Oosterscheldedam was provided with a number of locks, which would need to be closed only in extreme water levels the unique saltwater environment and fish stocks would be maintained. There water flows back to the North Sea. Oosterscheldekering were 62 openings of each 40 meters wide, disposed in the barrier to be able to allow as much as possible by salt water. Was tried to preserve as much as possible to the tidal effect. Eventually the Oosterschelde barrier was one of the largest buildings in the world. Without the Delta Works Zeeland would be flood by water.


What makes you a typical dutch woman and how will you use that in the international pageant?
What makes me typical dutch is that I am down to earth. I won’t make drama I be just relaxed. I’m not easily stressed or pressured. Always remain calm and patient. I thinks this is good during a pageant because sometimes things will fall through as planned , and also the pressure will be high. You must be able to handle this. Next to that the Netherlands is a multicultural society, I can adjust myself easily to different cultures. I thinks this is important during a pageant because the woman come from all over the world. You have to be understanding and respectful.

How do you combine your busy life as a beautician and working in your family business with being a beauty queen?
It’s intensive but it is so much fun. I love the variety and it’s a challenge what I also like. The trick is to stay focused and keep a positive mind. It’s very important to schedule, and think ahead so you are prepared. It is hard work, but I enjoy the work. Also I have an amazing family supporting me what makes me more motivated. And it works perfectly together I learn things from being a beauty queen what I can use in my job. And I learn things from my job I can use being a beauty queen. And as long as you really believe yourself you will have the strength to do it all.
What about Deborah in 10 years?
In 10 years I want to have successful achieved most of my goals in life. I hope by then I have seen all different places on earth and many different beautiful countries. I hope by then I’ve accomplished being a part of making this earth a better place. I pray I still have my loving family around me in good health. I have no concrete plans for the future, I do have goals I want to achieve. Besides that I hope I be as happy as I am right now, by then I’m 31 so I hope I found my prince charming and have beautiful kids start my own family. I will see where fate takes me..


Thank you so much for taking the time Deborah to answer the 10 questions and we wish you all the best of luck for the international pageant.


Red dress:

Photography: Sano Wahyudi Photography
Jewels : BaroQco by Eduardo Liem
Dress : Jennifer Gerritsen
Make Up Artist : Dainora Dulcyte
Shoot Coordinator : Marc Kok
Videography : David Weyer

Black dress:

Photography: Sano Wahyudi Photography
Jewels : BaroQco by Eduardo Liem
Hair and make-up: DNA
Dress: sponsored by 12 Months of Beauty

Bikini pictures and crown:

photography: Johnny ten Have
Bikini: Luli Fama
Hair: Sanjay for Dutch Beauty Academy
Male-up: Nahanni for Dutch Beauty Academy
Jewels: BaroQco Jewels


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