10 questions for Kim Hulshof, Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2023

10 questions for Kim Hulshof, Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2023

A dutch saying is: There goes nothing beyond Groningen. Groningen is the most northern province if the Netherlands. This year two beauty queens from this province will represent the Netherlands at a big international beauty pageant: Melissa Bottema and Kim Hulshof.
Melissa Bottema will represent the Netherlands at the Miss Grand International pageant. She represented our country last year at the Miss Intercontinental pageant. Many believed she should have been in the top 5. Well it’s up to Kim Hulshof to try and become a top 5 finalist at this pageant for the first time since 2017, when Cathelijne Heppenhuis became 2nd runner-up and the Miss Europe sash.
Kim is no newcomer in the dutch world of pageantry. But we would like to know her a little bit better, so we asked her 10 questions.

Who is Kim Hulshof?
Kim Hulshof is a 23 year old woman. Born and raised in the Netherlands. I recently started working as a pedagogical employee at a childcare center. Working with children is something I really love to do. It gives me so much satisfaction. Children are our future and if I can contribute to their success story, then my goal has been achieved. Kim is also a big dreamer who doesn’t give up. In my free time I like to work out, do photoshoots, make up and sometimes I play the guitar and sing a little.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
I’ve entered the pageant world in 2017. I participated in regionals Miss Teen and ended up as 2nd runner up. That’s when my affection for pageants started to grow. For the first time I felt heard and seen, so I knew I had to continue developing in pageants. I won my first pageant in 2022 (Miss Beauty of Groningen 2022) I’ve always set my goal to become Miss intercontinental Netherlands. And here I am 6 years later and a few titles which I’ve all worn with pride. Without my perseverance I wouldn’t be standing here today. That’s why I think it is so important to believe in your dreams. I couldn’t be more grateful to be wearing this title.

How are you preparing for the international pageant?
I prepare myself the best way I can, right now I am working on my advocacy and my final dress is already in the making. Furthermore I work out a lot and eat healthy. I really want to make sure that when I enter Egypt my mind, body and soul are in the best possible state so I can represent The Netherlands the best way I can.

Lately the dutch girls are doing very well in pageantry. In Miss Intercontinental the girls make the semi-finals. But how will you be a difference and make the top 5 or even win the crown?
Eventhough I am already honored that I get to represent our beautiful country; the Netherlands. The goal is to represent it the best way. I am so proud of myself and I will not let anything get in my way. How will I be a difference? I think my long history in pageants has given me a lot of knowledge. I hope they will notice my character and heart. One thing about myself that I’m really proud of is who I am and not necessarily what I look like.

Miss Intercontinental will be held in Egypt, a country with a lot of history and traditions. What are you looking forward the most to see in Egypt and why?
Miss Intercontinental is hosted in Egypt. Indeed a country with lots of history and traditions. I look forward to learn about these different traditions and history, because since I was little I was interested in different cultures. what I’m most looking forward to is visiting the pyramids. Also the women who will be representing their countries will bring their traditions to Egypt. I can’t wait to learn about it all.

Miss Intercontinental is looking for the most beautiful inspiring woman. Who do you want to inspire and how are going to do that?
I really want to inspire every woman who has ever felt like their body, thoughts or voice wasn’t owned by them. I want everyone to know that your story matters and your truth deserves to be heard! That’s why I started my online platform “Power to your truth”. Unfortunately I have been in such a situation many times. I felt powerless and ashamed. Since I have found my voice I want to help others find theirs.

The winner of Miss Supranational 2019, AnnTonia Porsild, is representing Thailand at the upcoming Miss Universe. What is your opinion on participating at another grandslam pageant, if you already won a grand slam title?
I am a true believer of things happening for a reason. AnnTonia Porsild is such a beautiful and inspiring woman. I think you can do whatever you want to even if it means winning all the grand slam pageants. Because then you probably deserve it! A queen will always be a queen and I fully support it.

Many celebrities have the honor that a flower is named after them. What kind of flower would be the perfect Kim Hulshof flower and why?
The Kim Hulshof flower would defenitely be a Lisianthus. Did you know that this flower has a fragile look, but it can survive in the worst environments. Even in the dessert! It keeps blossoming no matter the setbacks. I’d like to think of myself that way.

What is your life’s motto and how are you living it?
My life motto is: all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. I am living my dream right now because I didn’t let anyone tell me that my dream was unachievable. If you have a dream it is placed in your heart for a reason and I believe you should always go after that. Even if it seems impossible. Because nothing really is impossible. You are only as limited as your mind.

How about Kim in 10 years?
Kim in 10 years. By then I would be 33. every day is a gift. I really hope to have traveled many places, touched a lot of hearts and healed some souls. I hope in 10 years that my platform is bigger and it reaches a bigger crowd so that I can help survivors of any kind of abuse find their voice back. “You’re not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth and raging courage.” What really matters at the end is not your biggest achievements but how you made other people feel and I intend to live by that.

Thank you so much for taking the time in your busy preparations for Miss Intercontinental and we wish you all the best of luck at the international finals!


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