10 questions for… Kimberley IJsbrandij

10 questions for… Kimberley IJsbrandij

Kimberley IJsbrandij will represent the Netherlands at the upcoming Miss Tourism Queen International 2016 pageant. She is the 7th girl to represent our country at this pageant that had it’s first edition in 2004.
The Netherlands only scored once at this pageant and that was last year when Nathalie Mogbelzada won the title.
Kimberley will try to become the second winner for the Netherlands. She already became 1st runner-up at the Princess of the World pageant earlier this year, representing the counties of the Benelux.

We would like to know the lovely and beautiful Kimberley better, so we asked her 10 questions…

14086352_1150525915017364_6387775704652435659_o Kimberley

Who is Kimberley IJsbrandij?
I am a 22 year old girl from the Netherlands. I live in Amsterdam but I was born and raised in Almere. Spending time with friends and family is what I love most. Every day I try to do as many things as possible which means I’m always busy. I can spend my day with school, modeling, make-up, friends, singing, and many more. I love pageants and modeling, mostly because it’s all one big adventure and an opportunity for me to get to know myself and other cultures. I feel so blessed that I’m the one out of thousands of girls to get these opportunities and I love each and every moment of it. I try to do the best I can every day and enjoy each day like it’s the last.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
In 2015 I was scouted by Sanne Roffel to participate the Miss Beauty of Flevoland pageant. After a few moments of doubting if I was good enough, I stopped hesitating and signed myself in to go to the casting. I thought it would be a great moment to lose my insecurities and just enjoy the moment. The biggest surprise was when I heard I was chosen to go to the finals of Miss Beauty of Flevoland. I worked very hard and after all that, I’ve won the pageant. It was a true rollercoaster after that because now I was in the finals of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but luckily my chances to go to international pageants didn’t stop. I’ve been to the Princess of the World pageant in Germany and even became first runner-up. Now I’ve got the amazing opportunity to go to Miss Tourism Queen International in China thanks to Katia Maes and Milou van Hout – Verhoeks.

How are you preparing for the international pageant? What area do you need to work on the most?
Everything I’ve learned at the Miss Beauty of the Netherlands pageant is now almost one year ago. So I’ve been practicing my walk and posing at home, and remembered all the information and tips from our catwalk coach Reggie Henriquez. Besides that I wanted to become in better shape so I’ve started working out at the gym and started running. It’s been hard, but I’m proud of what I’ve reached so far. I’ve bought several beautiful dresses for the finals at Nora Mode Gronau which are sponsered by Nora Mode Gronau and IJ&P Communicatie. This week I’m going to my hairstylist Noura from Topstylist L’Oréal Professionel in Almere who sponsors the whole treatment, including the beautiful extensions who were sponsored by Luxury for Princesses. I have only a few days left before I go to China, so now I’m mostly preparing everything to pack before I have to go. In the mean time I’m doing research to know everything about the Netherlands.

You already represented the Benelux at the Princess of the World pageant earlier this year. How will it be different to represent one country instead of three?
At the Princess of the World pageant it was difficult to know every important information there is about three countries. But it appeared to be easier than I expected because it was too much information to talk about in the same time the other competitors had to talk about just one country. But I love the Netherlands and I think I know everything I have to know to proudly represent the Netherlands at a international pageant. I was very nervous to represent three countries, but now I’m representing only my own country I’m not nervous for any questions and I’m not doubting my knowledge about the Netherlands.

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The Miss Tourism Queen International is a tourism pageant. What do you recommend a tourist to visit in the Netherlands while visiting our country and why?
I’ve thought a lot of this question and not only because of Miss Tourism Queen International, but also because some friends I’ve made at the Princess of the World pageant want to come visit the Netherlands when they have the opportunity. I would love to show any tourist Amsterdam. Not because of the clichés such as the red light district or the coffee shops, but to show them how multicultural Amsterdam is. There are so many shops from so many different countries. At almost every corner you can get a Turkish pizza, every 5 minutes you walk past an Italian or Greek restaurant, and every street has a typical Dutch cheese shop or tourist shop. But these are just examples. Further more I’d recommend to go to Gouda for it’s well known cheese, Scheveningen to see the Dutch shore, Volendam to eat the typical Dutch eel and to see the old Dutch costumes, and of course Rotterdam to show them that we are a very important country for the international shippings. But to be honest, I would be very excited if I could show tourists the Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam. Because we are very proud that gay marriages are allowed in the Netherlands and I’m proud we can celebrate that during this huge event.

Last year, Miss Netherlands Nathalie Mogbelzada won the international pageant. How will you make it happen that the Netherlands will win two years in a row?
It will be very difficult for me to bring the crown again to the Netherlands because the competition has so many wonderful competitors. Nathalie is such an amazing sweet and loving and beautiful girl so I’m not surprised she won last year. I will do the best I can to bring the crown back to the Netherlands. My plan is to be myself, be decent just as my parents taught me, and to enjoy this big adventure. After all, I’m very grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait until my adventure in China begins.

What makes you a typical dutch woman and how will you use that in the international pageant?
The Netherlands is a very multicultural country and the people who live there are open-minded. We respect each other’s differences and cultures, no matter where your origin or gender. We are all equal and that’s exactly what I stand for. I want to make effort to get to know the other participants and their cultures without judging where they come from or how they are different than me. I respect every one’s norms and values, and I think the organization will notice that.


Miss TQI is not very well known in the Netherlands. What will you do to change that?
I did the best I can to get as many sponsors as possible for example for the final dress, my hair, extensions and my nails. Everyone who sponsors me mentions my name and the organization of Miss Tourism Queen International. Social media is in my opinion the fastest way to spread any news. This means if I and the sponsors mention the name of the organization, a few thousand people will see it. Of course a few thousand people out of 16 million people who live in the Netherlands is not so much, but it’s the best I can do. It’s just a small step for the publicity in the Netherlands, but if I wouldn’t take that step, there would be no improvement at all.

What is your life’s motto and how are you living it?
Live and enjoy each day like it’s your last, and be proud of who you truly are. For me it is important to enjoy every day. We all have responsibilities in any way. You can complain about going to work, stuck in traffic, or the Dutch weather, but if you keep complaining you can’t enjoy the simple things in life. For instance I don’t like it when I have to take my dog for a walk and it’s cold and rainy outside, but then again my dog likes the rain and it’s just as easy to take an umbrella with me and a raincoat. And the most important thing is to be proud of who you truly are. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but true beauty comes from within. Be a good person, show love and respect, and be proud of yourself.

How about Kimberley in 10 years?
In 10 years I want to have my own company in the communication branch. Besides that I hope to be involved in the organization of a Dutch pageant. Since I’ve started with pageants I’ve grown so much mentally. I wasn’t insecure anymore, the people who worked for the Miss Beauty of the Netherlands were all so kind and they inspired me a lot. They’ve all made me very happy and proud. I want to help other girls from their insecurities and help them grow and make them happy. I want to be a role-model for these girls and help them grow just as I have grown.

Last but not least I want to thank a few people who made all this possible. First I want to thank Katia Maes for giving me this great opportunity and her help and support. Then I want to thank the organization of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands for their guidance and trust in me. Of course my sponsors from Topstylist L’Oréal Professionel for my hair, Luxury for Princesses for my hair extensions, IJ&P Communication and Nora Mode Gronou for the beautiful dresses, and Deluxe Nailart for my nails. Thanks to my family and friends for their love and support.
Also Stefan and Robin Hoven Lieuw Choy from Miss Holland Now, thank you very much for this great interview and for your trust in me. You all make this an even bigger adventure for me.

Thank you Kimberley and we would like to wish you all the best of luck and whatever happens, you already made everyone very proud

Photography: 1,2,3 and 4: Marco ter Beek and the picture on the homepage and last one: Frank Doorhof

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