10 questions for … Rico Mallee

10 questions for … Rico Mallee

Male pageants are getting more and more populair in the world of beauty pageants. Miss World was the first to come up with a “brother” pageant for their female pageant: Mister World.
Miss Supranational is following that example and for the first time Mister Supranational will take place. The Miss and Mister Supranational finals will be one day after another on december 2nd and 3rd.
The Netherlands will be represented by the very hansom Rico Mallee.

Who is Rico..?? We asked him 10 questions….


Who is Rico Mallee?
I am Rico Mallee, a 28 years old model, living in Heteren

How did you enter the world of beauty-pageants?
A friend pointed out the pageant to me, because she thought that it was something for me. And that was the reason I participated. I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained, and so I won.

How are you preparing for the international pageant?
For the pageant I get extra catwalk coaching and posing lessons, because I am a perfectionist and I do this less than photoshoots. I do this as well to get the maximum points in this segment.

This is the first time this pageant is held; what are your expectations f the pageant?
I have big expectations for the pageant and I think it will be a great and beautiful show. Everything is handled in a great way.

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What, in your opinion, is the difference between a model and a mister?
As a Mister also your personality s involved and I think you are a role model. A photoshoot is a snapshot and it says nothing about the behavior or personality of a model. A Mister it is about the total package, personality, behavior and looks and not only about a perfect picture alone.

You will visit Poland and Slovakia. What are you looking forward to, from both countries and why?
I am looking forward to visit both countries. I am always interested in sights and cultures from other countries.

What will you tell the other guys about the Netherlands, that makes you proud of your country?
The Netherlands is a multicultural country where you can find dozens of different cultures on a square kilometre. How the people from these cultures can live together may be a lesson for many countries in the world.

rico_city_4_texted groot_krant

What ’s the achievement in your life, you are most proud of?
The most proud I am of what I accomplished in my a modeling career in less than a year, with the highlight of course the pageant in Poland and Slovakia.

What’s your life’s motto and how do you live by it?
Aim for the stars and the sky is the limit.
I think that if you set to a certain goal, you limit yourself to that goal and if you are content with that, there could probably have been more possible. So let the most feasible be your aim, but always strife to more and better in your career.

How about Rico in 10 years?
In 10 years I probably will have a wife and kids. I want to set an example to my children, that if you really want something and you are willing to work hard for it, everything is possible. You can be and become everything in this world what you want if you are willing go for it for 100 percent.


We would like to thank Rico for taken the time to answer our questions and wish him all the best of luck at the pageant.

Photography: Dustin Elzinga


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