10 Questions for Miss Asia Pacific Netherlands 2018, Raquel van Gool

10 Questions for Miss Asia Pacific Netherlands 2018, Raquel van Gool

Raquel van Gool was one of our favorites at this years Miss Beauty of the Netherlands. So we were happy to see her win the Miss Asia Pacific Netherlands 2018 crown.
She is the third girl to represent our country at this pageant. In 2016, Tessa le Conge won the pageant and last year the lovely Morgan Doelwijt became 3rd runner-up at the pageant.

Raquel will be leaving this week for the Philippines but still managed to answer our 10 questions:

Who is Raquel van Gool?
I am a woman who strives to be her best self and who continues to develop as an individual. I am determined, hardworking, and honest. I chase my dreams while trying to be selfless and to help others as often and as much as I possibly can.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
I got invited to participate in the pageant of Miss Beauty of Limburg 2018 and figured I would step out of my comfort zone for once. I imagined it to be a great opportunity to get rid of my shyness and to focus on my personal development, and it brought me those things and so much more!

How do you prepare for the international pageant?
I am working hard on the way I present myself, both my appearance and social skills. I am trying to develop the best self that I can be. I therefore see it mostly as a competition for myself, and not necessarily competing with others. 

Why are you the best girl to represent the Netherlands at Miss Asia Pacific 2018?
I am the best girl to represent the Netherlands because I am determined and work hard for what I want. If I have got my eye on something I want, there is nothing that will hold me back or distract me from where I want to be.

What makes you proud to be dutch and what will you tell the other contestants about the Netherlands?
What I think is most important that differentiates us from other countries is that we are generally well grounded. We are stable and straight to the point. We do not beat around the bush but rather tell you immediately the way things are.

Miss Asia Pacific is a platform for women to learn, improve and ignite positive change within themselves ánd the global community. What is your contribution to this cause?
I will show women around the world that we should embrace all of our imperfections. What we may not like about ourselves, another might find that your most attractive trait. I believe women should stand up for themselves and for each other, because together there is no limit to what we can achieve.

The Netherlands have been successful both times we participated in Miss API. What are you going to do to continue this success?
I can only strive to be as successful as my predecessors while at the same time implementing my own perspectives and opinions. I hope to accomplish changes that fit my goals in the same way my predecessors accomplished changes that fit their own perspectives.

At most pageants people expect Miss Netherlands to be blond. In Miss Asia Pacific they say, you should be dark haired. Do you think a blond girl could represent the Netherlands at Miss Asia Pacific, why or why not?
I believe any woman that is willing to set the right example for women’s individuality and development could represent the Netherlands. Therefore this includes blondes, brunettes, and redheads.

In the Netherlands we have the opportunity to get flowers to be named after us. What kind of flower and what color will the Raquel van Gool flower be and why?
If a flower would be named after me, I would want for it to be the Orchid. Next to being a beautiful magnificent flower, it also represents thoughtfulness and refinement. I find having heed for the well-being of others an important characteristic to have. At the same time I strive to be refined and improved as an individual, and to be the best version of myself. The color will be violet, as violet inspires reflection and self-awareness. I believe these two factors are a necessary characteristic for thoughtfulness and refinement.

What about Raquel in 10 years?
In 10 years I hope to have finished my studies and to have made many positive changes in the world. I am currently doing a master in Drug Development & Neurohealth and I hope to have helped those with neurological disorders to live a better life. I will also want to have helped others next to my career, such as those that live in poverty, seek refuge, or suffer from inequality.

We would like to thank Raquel for her time in her busy schedule and wish her all the best at the international pageant.
Also many thanks to Milou and Charina from the Miss Beauty of the Netherlands

photo’s: Marco ter Beek, Martin, Kevin Teukens, Roy Froma 

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