10 questions for Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2018, Michelle van Sonsbeek

10 questions for Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2018, Michelle van Sonsbeek

Michelle van Sonsbeek is at the moment very busy with her preparations for the Miss Intercontinental 2018 pageant that will take place in the Philippines in january 2019.
Last year, Cathelijne Heppenhuis became 2nd runner-up, so Michelle has a hard act to follow.

But who is Michelle? Let’s ask her 10 questions

Who is Michelle van Sonsbeek?
I am 19 years old and I  study to be a teacher. I am very down to earth. I am not scared of opening up, I like to talk to people and to get to know someone. I am honest and I always want to do everything as well as possible.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
In 2016, I participated in the Miss Netherlands final. Someone told me about it and said it was really something for me. 2 Years later I was scouted by Bjorn van Schomberg and I could not refuse his offer to participate. I love beauty pageants, because you meet other people and you really develop yourself.  Since then, I think beauty pageants are absolutely amazing and I am very proud that I can call myself Miss Intercontinental of the Netherlands 2018. 

How do you prepare for the international pageant? What area do you need to work on the most and how are you doing in this area?
I prepare myself by getting catwalk training and also social media training. 

I know about myself that I am a perfectionist, that I can be positive but also negative. I try to learn to take things as they come. 

This pageant is all about female beauty and succes. When are YOU successful in life and why?
Being successful in life is different for everyone, but I think you are successful when you keep chasing your dreams despite setbacks. That you are proud of yourself and happy with who you are. And when you treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Who is, in your opinion, the most successful woman in the Netherlands and why? (vertel ook aan de buitenlandse lezers wie zij is en wat ze doet, wees niet bang om een naam te noemen)
In my opinion is Loiza Lamers the most successful woman in the Netherlands. That because she is  a transgender, and dared to take part in Holland’s Next Top Model 2015, and also won the title. I have a lot of respect for her and I hope that because of her, other people also have more respect for transgenders and for being just the way you are.  

Cathelijne was 2nd RU. What advice from her will you take with you to the pageant to do well in in Miss Intercontinental 2018?
Stay close to yourself, do not forget who you are. But most of all, enjoy the time. It is a once in a live time opportunity.

The most beautiful thing you can win is the experience!!

What would you say to quitters and why?

What I want to say to quitters is to pick it up and go on, it does not matter how long it takes or how difficult it is, everyone can do it, as long as you want something bad enough.
I want everyone to believe that you can!!

What question has never been asked to you, but should have been? What’s your answer to this question?

Have you ever been bullied? That is the question nobody asked me but should.
Because I think that other girls should also see that people not always are like the picture of them selves .

My answer tot the question is, yes I have been bullied because my looks. My “big” ears, and my head should have the shape of a pear. 

Do you think growing up in the Netherlands is a privilege. Why or why not?
Yes, because the Netherlands is a free country and every one can be who you want to be.
Healthcare, educations and the finance/pensions are very good and accessible for everyone.

I am proud to be Dutch.

What about Michelle in 10 years?
I find it difficult to say what my life will look like in 10 years, because I do not know what else is waiting for me. But I can tell you how I hope my life will  look like in 10 years. In 10 years I hope to see myself as a teacher of group 1 or 2. And I hope that I can look back on many life experiences through Beauty Pageants and modeling.


Michelle and your team of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands, we want to wish you all the best of luck at the International pageant and enjoy your title to the fullest!

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photo 1, 2 and 7: Roy Froma
photo 4: Marco ter Beek
photo 5 and 6: Goodlookzfotografe

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