10 Questions for Miss World Netherlands 2021, Lizzy Dobbe

10 Questions for Miss World Netherlands 2021, Lizzy Dobbe

While Lizzy Dobbe, Miss World Netherlands 2021 was in the airplane on her way to Puerto Rico to compete in the miss World 2021 pageant, she answered the last of the 10 questions we asked her.
The start of her reign was not an easy one as she was crowned after the original winner of the Miss World Netherlands 2021 pageant, Dilay Willemstein gave up the crown due to personal reasons. Lizzy was attacked by many people who tried, on the most easy way, by social media, to hurt her feelings. We from Miss Holland Now respect all opinions on every issue but we do not respect these kind of people and their brainless attacks on any person or in this case any beauty queen.
But as we don’t want to give the negativity any space we tried to support Lizzy in any way and luckily for her she also had a lot of help with the preparations. And even is these were short and hectic, she managed and she already is in Puerto Rico competing at one of the oldest agents in the World representing the Netherlands.

Who is lizzy Dobbe?

I am a strong woman who is very ambitious and always trying to help others.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?

Miss world Netherlands is my first beauty pageant. I started with this about a year ago. I was still in the middle of my social work edication at the time, and was looking for more challenges. Because of my bullying past I was very insecure, and I wanted to work on this. Beauty with a purpuse appealed to me the most because I have always been socially involved and I wanted to turn my bullying past into something positive. This was the deciding factor to sign me up for Miss World Netherlands

You have been preparing for the Miss World pageant on short notice. What part in this preparations is the most challenging for you and why? 

I think the part dance and catwalk. Because these are steps I have to learn and I want to do it right. But I like a challenge and always give my 100% so this will be all right

After you were announced as the new Miss World Netherlands, you had to deal with several negative comments. How did this effect you and what would you like to say to those who made these comments?

To be honest, I found this very difficult. I had a lot of trouble with this in the beginning, but luckily I have enough support around me. All the negative comments have reminded me how important my bullying project is, and that people are still very easy to post negative comments. What I would like to say to the negative reactions is: Think before you comment because you never know what effect your negative reaction will have on someone

How will you make sure that the jury of Miss World will notice you among so many participants, what makes you the next Miss World?

By showing who I really am. What makes me the next miss world is that I always want to help others and commit myself to society. I think it is very important to do good and this is my strength

If we could compare you with a fruit, what fruit would that be and why?

I think watermelon because this is my favorite fruit

Beauty for a Cause is the slogan of Miss World. How will you use your beauty and for which cause?

By committing myself to society. I am a social worker and because of this I have many different social issues for which I am committed. For my BWAP, I am committed to bullying.

What about the Netherlands makes you proud? And why?

Healthcare is very well organized in the Netherlands. This makes me proud because I think this is very important. We also live in the Netherlands with many different cultures, we have freedom of expression and can be who we want to be.

What are the rules you live your life by?

always be respectful, helpful and loving

What about Lizzy in 10 years?

In 10 years I will have my master’s degree in healthcare and I will help young people who are having a hard time. I also have a greater reach to create awareness about social problems

Thank you Lizzy for answering our 10 questions! Enjoy your stay in Puerto Rico and all the best of luck!!



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