10 Questions for Miss Nederland 2021, Julia Sinning

10 Questions for Miss Nederland 2021, Julia Sinning

When Julia Sinning won the Miss Nederland title, there was a lot of controversy and she was attacked on social media a lot. Something we many times on social media.
We from Miss Holland Now will never support these kinds of attacks just based on just an empty mind!
Julia Sinning is not your typical beauty queen and that makes her the perfect example of a modern woman with the beautiful looks that she owns.
When we publish these 10 questions, she and the Miss Nederland organization are busy preparing for the Miss Universe pageant that will take pace in the end of this year in Eilat Israel. So we were very lucky that Julia took the time to answer our 10 questions in her own very professional way!

Like to read who Julia would invite for her own Talkshow? Start reading now!

Who is Julia Sinning

Hi! I am Julia and I am Miss Universe Netherlands 2021. Just 25 years old. I was born in Amstelveen, raised in Uithoorn and living in Amsterdam. As Miss Nederland I strive to change the perfect picture to the real picture. On social media pictures are photoshopped so everything looks perfect, and filters are used so you do not recognize your own face. This is a “perfect” and unrealistic picture, which causes insecurity . I, myself, have not felt secure, there was a lot of pressure and I wanted to be perfect. This is why I took a 3 month break to find strength and peace within myself and to be content with myself. I am convinced that if we will be more sincere with our pictures and share how we truly are feeling, we will be a lot happier.

My Motto?

You are You and therefor good enough

Being in the spotlight is not something new for you as you had an online programma, during the pageant you also were seen in “the Bachelor”, why did you stil decide to take part in Miss Nederland?

Miss Nederland has always be my priority. Last year november, I registered to become Miss Nederland 2021. Through the mental, inner journey I had in Spain, I felt that I wanted to inspire young women to feel good enough about themselves. Just the way they are. For me this was never an option not to be that way. When I was asked to join The Bachelor, I was curious what this adventure would bring me in the field of personal growth. In my contract I included that Miss Nederland was priority with all assignments I had to do for them.

Many say beauty pageants are for dumb girls, who cant do anything else. What would you say to those who have these prejudices about beauty pageants?

The beauty pageant world has changed in the last years to competitions where a combination of beauty, business and ambition is important. Every beauty queen has a personal message which she wants to extend to the rest of the world and to inspire others. So the well known “World Peace” picture is changed into queens with a mission. These are women with ambitions who more and more are also entrepreneurs. If a pageant was about women without brains, I would not have participated. I would invite him/her to pass a day with me, so this person will experience what a day really is about, and he/she will get a different perspective of pageants.

How did you grow personally from the moment you registered for Miss Nederland?

All of the past year has been about personal growth. I got to follow and reach my purpose and dreams, with perseverance and dedication. This year had its ups and downs. Through my participation in The Bachelor, I experienced what cyberbullying is about, what was very difficult to cope with for me. In the end I turned out stronger, I got a huge support from my intimate circle and I know that what may happen, I can always can count on myself.

What is it you have to work on most, as Miss Nederland, and also for the Miss Universe 2021 pageant?

Walking on the catwalk. I am a sturdier woman, so where my gain is, is my feminine catwalk. So more hip, a bit less cool. But I keep on practicing, so if you see me on the streets of Amsterdam in heels, please be nice to me haha!

When you were crowned Miss Nederland, there was a lot of bad things written on social media. How did this make you feel and what would you say today to those who tried to get to you…?

The cyberbullying started during the taping of The Bachelor and after my crowning, it turned into positivity. It happened and I got over it. I continued with my life. I can honestly say that I am very well and I am very happy to be surrounded by the people who dragged me through this. The crowning as Miss Universe Netherlands is the most beautiful moment in my life, for which I worked long and hard and which was also my goal for 2021. That’s why it hurt when people gave their unsalted opinion on that moment, but also to the Miss Nederland Organisatie, with the most hateful messages, whilst they did not know me at all. I hope people realize that hateful messages do hurt, and I learned from home: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. How would you feel if you received the same message you sent? I am a human being with feelings, just like everybody in the world. So please think before you post hateful messages or reactions. You do not know how bad the effects can be. But for me: I pulled through and became stronger. Everything happens with a reason and as Miss Universe Netherlands I will be a stand against cyberbullying. And finally:


Being a beauty queen makes you a role model. For who would you like to be a role model and how would you fulfill that task?

I hope I can be a role model for actually all women. No matter your age and where you’re coming from. I would love to inspire women/girls to stay close to yourself and to embrace who you are. I want to do this, by putting through my mission on social media and other platforms: FROM THE PERFECT PICTURE TO THE REAL PICTURE

I myself have strived towards the perfect picture, because of al pictures I saw in \Instagram, and didn’t feel good enough about myself. Not knowing there were 8 filters and 3 layers of photoshop were used. I want to show that you do not need to enhance your pictures, and that you may and can be true on social media about who you are. And you don’t have to take into account the opinion of others. How you see yourself and loving yourself is the most important. Besides that I think it is important that women support each other in stead of bringing each other down. I have experienced the from both sides. How painful it is to receive those horrible messages, but how beautiful it is to receive the love from women I know and who I do not know. If women support each other more, we can create magic and rule the world.

If you could host your own talkshow, who would be your first guest, why that person and what would be the question you absolutely want to ask, after the first question: How are you

This is one of my dreams for sure! I will be fantastic to host my own talkshow and I would like to invite as my first guest Dutch actress Elise Schaap. I think she is fantastic woman who stays true to herself and besides that she is funny and she as a great actress, she nails every role. I look up to her for sure. The first question to her, would be: How do you stay that good, in spite of the different roles you have to be in?

What are the rules you live your life by?

The most important mottos I implement in my life are to stay close to myself, getting out of my comfort zone, taking on new adventures, develop myself and to let things come my way.

What about Julia in 10 years?

It is difficult to say where I will be in 10 years. Especially because I take on everything which comes to my path. What I will have done in any case: Seen more of the world, created an educational system for schools regarding cyberbullying and further my acting and presenting carreer. Maybe I will have a decade reunion with other Miss Universes 

Thank you Julia, Monica and the whole Miss Nederland crew to take the time and we want to wish all the luck during the preparations and also for the international finals in Israel. And Julia, enjoy every moment of your reign, before you know it…….

photo credits: William Rutten

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