10 Questions for Mister Grand Netherlands 2018, Mike Piek

10 Questions for Mister Grand Netherlands 2018, Mike Piek

Mike Piek will represent the Nederlands at the second Mister Grand International pageant, to be held in the Philippines.
He was crowned by Ryan Sheikrojan, the national director for Mister Grand Netherlands after a sizzling final at the World Wing Hotel in Rotterdam

Who is Mike Piek? we asked him 10 questions…

For those who do not know you, who is Mike Piek?
I’m Mike Piek, 25 years old blond guy living in Swifterbant, The Netherlands. I work as a schoolteacher for children with physical and mental problems. I really love to help people and guide these children during the day. I am also fascinated by sports.  Yes, a fanatic soccer player here, also you can often find me in the gym.

When and why did you enter the world of male beauty pageants?
Because of my modeling work, I got the attention of the National Director of Mister Grand Netherlands. He asked me if I would like to compete in the national final. I really liked the challenge, and I knew that this pageant would open more and especially new doors for me and my modeling career. When I won the title of Mister Grand Netherlands, the interest in beauty pageants is getting bigger and bigger.

What, in your opinion, is the difference between a male and female beauty pageant?
There isn’t a lot of difference, only the that female beauty pageants are mostly bigger and getting more attention then we are. We almost have the same rounds and same rules in the finals.

How do you prepare for the international competition?
I am really focussed on my diet, training every day to get the best shape for the finals. Also training my catwalk and doing a lot of photoshoots and fashion shows. Also very important training my English with a friend of mine. So I can give everything out of myself to represent the Netherlands with pride.

What do you expect from the international competition?
A great experience. Meeting new people, new friends from all over the world. I think we will have a great time and working hard together in the Philippines.

What will you tell the other contestants at Mister Grand about the Netherlands that makes you proud about your country?
The Netherlands is a small country with more than 17 million people, with different cultures living next to each other. The Netherlands is an open minded country, where you can be yourself and have respect. The dutch people are really kind and helpful.

What are you looking for the most visiting the Philippines for the international pageant?
I look forward to meet new people to get to know their story. I have heard so much about the Philippines, I actually can’t wait to go there, and to experience it for myself.

The Philippines is a real pageant minded country unlike our country. Why is it, that pageants are not that popular in the Netherlands and what can we and you do about it?
The beauty pageant world in the Netherlands is not that big as the pageant world in the Philippines. And there is not a lot of Male pageants based here. Most of the men of the Netherlands don’t even know that this exists. I hope I can make a change this year, and help the male pageants grow here in the Netherlands.

What is the one question that nobody has asked you so far and has to asked. And what is your answer to that question?
Probably, what is more important to you? a great experience and many new friends or win?

My Answer would be, A great experience, and getting new friends from all over the world. Of Course I would give everything in the pageant to get the best results of myself and stand there with proud from the Netherlands. We are all winners just by standing there as friends together on one stage but in the end It is still a competition.

What about Mike Piek in 10 years ?
In 10 years, I hopefully have an international title in my pocket. I also want to help and focus on the male pageants in the Netherlands and help the new misters who will represent our beautiful country, by sharing my stories with them. In 10 years also hoping to have a family, so 10 years from there he can also participate in the male beauty pageant in the Netherlands.

Thank you Mike for taking the time to answer our questions and we really want to wish you and your national director all the best of luck at the international finals.


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Photo: Sano Wahyudi photography
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Shoot Director: Marc Kok


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