10 Questions for Mister International Netherlands 2019, Marco Ooms

10 Questions for Mister International Netherlands 2019, Marco Ooms

Marco Ooms is the 6th Mister International Netherlands form the organization of Lyron Martina.
Lyron started in 2014 with the organization of the first dutch male beauty contest in The Netherlands.
In 2016 he had the best score when Chris Veltkamp became a top 6 finalist.
The best score in the pageant so far was in 2008 when Vincent Cleuren became 4th runner-up.
Marco Ooms won the very dynamic pageant earlier this year.

Who is Marco Ooms, we asked him 10 questions

Who is Marco Ooms and what are the three words that describe him best
In short Marco Ooms is a calm and friendly guy from a little village. He’s 26 years old and totally keen with sports, specially football and fitness. A day done nothing with sports is a lost day. You could consider him as the boy next door. The three words that describe him would be: friendly, kind & easygoing.
What made you decide to enter the world of male beauty-pageants and how was it to compete?
What made me enter. Lyron Martina sended me a DM in instragam with inviting me to come to the casting day. So I’ve ask two former winners, Jeremy Lensink and Claudio Schoorstra, how it was to compete and what the organisation would expect from me to do. After all of this I thought, why not? Just give it a chance and see how it is and what it will bring me. Never done something like this before. It was a really nice experience, met some amazing people and it made me more aware of myself and my appearance. The vibe and signals yours sending to others. It helped me to develop as a person and professional.

What is the difference between preparing for a national and an international pageant?
Preparing for the national one was difference because you see the other contestants once in about 2 weeks and the contestants on the international one you wont see them till the big final will start. I’ve got a feeling that shape, as in being shredded, is more important for the international one. The national one is definitely more about the total package and with the international one it feels more about body for me.

The slogan of Mister International Netherlands is ‘More Than Beauty’. What is your contribution to this slogan?
I reckon my contribution to this slogan is my personality. I consider myself as a social person who’s always willing to help out other people with there problems. I’m a listen ear for them and try to help them out to go forward.

What will you tell the other contestants at Mister International about the Netherlands that makes you proud to be dutch?
I’m the most proud about the way we Dutch people are and behave. We dutch are well known for being honest en dirmect with our intentions en opinion. Others will always know what we think and what we want. So you can relay on us, we say what we do and do what we say. Besides that we’re a outgoing country and super friendly. We’re easy approachable for the rest.


You have been to Australia, what is the one thing you learned from this trip that you will bring with you during the upcoming Mister International?
The thing I’ve learned throughout my trip in Australia is pretty the same what made me really proud of being a Dutch man. I’ve noticed that this is a powerful part of us dutch people. Every one consider us as the most friendly country. So I’m going to bring this to the big Mister International Final. Because it suits the slogan of our national final. More than beauty. Is consider it as my strenght, my open and social attitude. Besides that I’ve meet a lot of people from all across the world. During the international finale you’ll meet a lot of different people from different countries too. So I gives me a advantage to place myself in there situation and there culture too.

What is the one question that nobody has asked you so far, but really should have been asked? And what would be your answer?
This is a hard question. So far most questions have been asked. I havent had it so far that I missed out on a relative question. I think you’re question about the things I’ve learned throughout my trip in Australia was a strong one. So far nobody asked me this!

What part of Mister International 2019 do you look forward to the most and why?
This is going to be the grand final. The Mister International Final. That’s the point you’re working towards. The big day that I will represent my beautifull country and show how proud we dutch people are. I just want to show the world the dutch are the kindest, friendliest and most open persons are. True gentleman’s & real misters.

What is your live’s slogan and how does it implement in your lifestyle?
Always be happy and go through life smiling.

Happy people & smile people are considered to be better approachable and kinder persons. If you enjoy life and look at the positive parts and not only looking into the negative parts you’re life is so much better. If you’ve got a positive attitude you’ll always find a solution. I try to be positive all the time and see the best things in every situation. Dont think negative, but positive.

What about Marco Ooms in 10 years?
Within 10 years I hope I’ve got a loving family with 2 kids. Found myself a job in which I can find a lot of joy, be as dedicated to sports as I’m now and I’ve got enough money to do the things I and my family desire. In which brand my work is going to be is still the question. I dont know what will come in my further and where I’ll end up.
Thank you so much Marco for taking the time to answer our 10 questions. We wish you and you national director, Lyron all the best of luck at the international finals.
photos: Hans van den Broek
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