10 Questions for…. Safina Barsatie

10 Questions for…. Safina Barsatie

The Miss India Holland organization (Ievents and Productions) is one of the most professional beauty pageant organizations in the Netherlands. The pageant is a big event with beautiful contestants and a sold out show every year.
This year has been a great year for Ievents and Productions as the lovely Nadine Makhanlal won the Indian Princess International pageant.
In 2012 the beautiful Safina Barsatie was one of the big favorites to win this pageant. She just missed the crown as she became 2nd runner-up.  This year she will represent not only the Indian community but the whole Dutch community at the Miss Asia Pacific Supertalent of the World pageant (formerly known as Miss Asia Pacific). Ievents and productons is the national director of Miss Asia Pacific Supertalent of the World Netherlands.

we asked Safina 10 questions…


Who is Safina Barsatie?

Safina is born in the beautiful country Suriname in South-America. As a 21 years old student I study to become a Biology teacher. Besides my study I’m also working as a model. My free time I fill with fitness and belly dancing. I also love to cook, go shopping and to watch movies. My family and friends will describe me as someone who’s always there for others, someone whom you’ve always fun with and sometimes can be a little crazy. I am a hedonist and live day by day because you never know if tomorrow will come!

You were Miss India Holland in 2011, why did you decide to enter the world of beauty pageants?

At the age of seventeen I decided to enter my first beauty pageant ‘Miss India 
Holland’. As a young girl I dreamed to become a model, dancer or even an actress. In elementary school I was bullied a lot so I was very insecure about myself at that time. Miss India Holland gave me the opportunity to get rid of this uncertainty and to make my dreams come true. 
Knowing that you can, but always told that you can not, made me decide to prove myself by participating in this pageant.

You went to India to represent the Netherlands at the Indian Princess International and became 2nd runner-up. Tell us about this experience and how did it make you feel, becoming 2nd runner-up?

Indian Princess International is one of the most precious experience I had. Most people think it’s all about beauty but it’s hard working to get on the top. We had to train everyday from 6 am till late at night. Some days we only slept one hour, but it was all worth it! I gained a lot of
experience and it was a learning process for me. I think everyone wants to end up on the first place, but becoming 2nd runner up still felt like a winner. Before my crowning I had 
already achieved a lot with Indian princess. I was chosen to be the face of Indian Princess for three years in a row and I was featured on more than 300 billboards in India and Thailand.

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You will represent the Netherlands at the Miss Asia Pacific Supertalent of the World. It is said that this pageant is different than all the other pageants, what makes this pageant different?

MAPW is world’s number one superstar talent agency. They provide a platform for
talented beauties that can become future stars in the global entertainment industry. Additionally MAWP has offices in the top 80 most relevant countries and the final will be broadcasted in 164 countries.

Why do you think the organization asked you to go to the pageant?

MAWP is known by her talent round and the many subtitles you can win. I always know to score high in the talent round so that is my advantage. I also have a good length and I’m very pleasant to work with. I think a good personality and delicate dealings with people is also important to
ensure that an organization wants to work with you. These are definitely my strengths and I think that’s why the organization has asked me to go to the pageant.

How will you prepare for the pageant to be at least second runner-up again?

I will do the best I can. The judges have to judge me on who I am. I hope my commitment, motivation, talent and enthusiastic personality will bring me the top 3.

What is your supertalent and tell us more about it.

I see talent as a ‘Natural’ ability to be good at something. I have always had my agility and have been a big fan of gymnastics. Until I was twelve, I have never been able to attend classes due to circumstances so I then started practicing by myself. I started when I was nine years with 
exercising on our playground or secretly in my bedroom. At fourteen, I became addicted to watching belly dance movies so I combined my flexibility with belly dance. Eventually my mother saw my talent for the first time at age sixteen. She was pleasantly surprised that I learned all this by myself. I dreamed to show my talent to the outside world on a beautiful stage. This worked out well, because during my first performance at the finals of Miss India Holland I won the title Miss Performance and also in India I won the title Miss Performance International. This all I have achieved, without taking any lessons.

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You are a young person being in the spotlight and a role model to many young beauty queens or girls who want to be a beauty queen. Who was your role model when you were growing up and why?

My mom has always been my role model for me. As a single woman, she showed me how strong a woman can be and has taught that even in your own you can achieve your goals. She has made the person who I am today: “An independent woman who works hard to achieve her goals.”

What is the difference to you between representing the Indian community at an international pageant and representing the whole dutch community at an international pageant?

In representing the Indian community, I proudly represent people with the same roots and our Indian culture. When I represent the Dutch community, I represent my beautiful country which is characterized by its multi-cultural society. This means that I have a broader target group to represent.

What about Safina in 10 years from now….

In ten years I hope to be a role model for people to look up and see me as an example for themselves. I will have fulfilled my dreams and I have built a thriving career. I also want to have traveled around the world. My modeling career is timeless so even in ten years from now, I want to stay active as a model.

We would like to thank Safina and Rietoe for this interview and want to wish Safina all the best of luck at the pageant.


– Michiel Fischer
– Raúl Neijhorst

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