10 Questions for…. Charina Bartels

10 Questions for…. Charina Bartels

The first time we saw Charina Bartels was in 2012 when she won the Miss Overijssel title for the Miss Nederland pageant. After that she participated in Miss Nederland 2012, Queen of the east 2014 and off course Queen of the Benelux 2014. We witnessed all the pageants she participated in.
At the Queen of the Benelux pageant she won the title of Queen of the Netherlands and the right to compete in the Miss Tourism International in Malaysia representing the Netherlands.

We asked Charina 10 questions….


Who is Charina Bartels?

I am Charina Bartels, 22 years old, I live in Oldenzaal and my hobbies are sailing, writing and walking.

Why and when did you first enter the world of beauty pageants? What other pageants did you participate in? And tell us about your experiences.

The first pageant I entered was Miss Overijssel which I won. It was a beautiful experience. I met a lot of girls and other people. I always thought that beauty pageant only was about the outside, but it is so much more than that and it is really good for your self knowledge. As Miss Overijssel, I have also entered the Miss Nederland pageant; it was really awesome to do all the things with the other girls and building new friendships. 
Why I entered my first pageant, I wanted to make a change, I had written a book and wanted to publish it. The book is about child abuse. I wanted to help the people who had such an experience and couldn’t get over it. I have spoken to different kinds of people and tried to help them to get over it, but it is a fight that only can be beaten by the person himself.


Today you may call yourself Queen of the Netherlands after your win last September. What makes you the Queen of the Netherlands?

What makes me the Queen of the Netherlands, I think because I am who I am. I know, it sounds cliché, but if I have to inscribe myself, I would say that I’m an independent woman, who is always working for the full 100% when I want to reach something. In 2012 I started with volunteer work and I really love it, to care for the older people and just walk with them or play a game or just listen to there stories. I like to be the helping hand and help people to get out or over there problems. I think that’s what makes me the Queen of the Netherlands.

You just missed the title of Queen of the Benelux which went to Dhenia of Belgium. What is the difference between you and Dhenia

The difference between Dhenia and me of course you come from an other country with a different culture and different habits. But what I really like to see about her is that she is so young and standing there on the stage without fear. She always sees the good in people and that is special for a girl from her age.


You will represent the Netherlands at the upcoming Miss Tourism International pageant in Malaysia. How are you preparing for this international pageant?

How am I preparing myself for this international pageant, we went on a weekend with all the winners from Queen of the Benelux and there we talked a lot about the international pageant. What we have to take with us, what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. We have got training from our catwalk coach and I train a lot at home. I followed a course English and most of all I spent a lot of time with my family and friends.

What do you need to shine during a pageant and why?

I think it is really important to just be yourself, you can act like someone else but that would never help you to the top. Just follow your heart, smile when you feel like you need to smile and be yourself.

The Miss Tourism International will be a big pageant with many girls from all over the world. How will a girl from Oldenzaal stand out above the very trained girls from South America and Asia?

How will I stand out above the very trained girls from South America and Asia. I don’t think it goes on how trained you are. I mean I can train every day in the week but you can’t train the person who you are inside. I think when you just enjoy everything you do, you shine the most on stage.

What and Who will you miss most when you are in Malaysia as the pageant takes place during the holidays?

Who I miss the most when I am in Malaysia, I think that would be my dog, Gijppie. He is my best buddy and always cheers me up when I’m down. He is really hyperactive and I will miss that around me.


There is always lots of talk about bitch fights at pageants. Do you think that during a pageant you are able to make friends for life and why or why not?

Yes, I think that you are able to make friends for life, you spend a whole month 24/7 with these girls you’re getting to know these girls from the inside and I think that when you have a tough period and help someone, it’s a sign that you are able to be friends for life.

What is your goal in life and how will you make that happen?

My goal in life is to have my own event agency, how I will make this happen, I just started with my own hostess company and it goes really well. I will follow a few courses and hope that in two years I can make a start with the events. I also would like to have my own charity. I am already busy to start a charity for the scholarships for the children in Cambodja but it take a lot of work so I hope that in 2015 we can start to raise the money.

We would like to thank Charina for taking the time and we wish her all the best of luck in Malaysia…

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