12 Months of Beauty, Robin Romijn

12 Months of Beauty, Robin Romijn

12 Months of Beauty is the organization behind Miss Grand Netherlands, Supermodel Netherlands, Supermodel Netherlands, Mister Global Netherlands and Miss and Mister Supranational Netherlands.
This year the organization started an online Beauty Pageant to select the dutch representatives for Miss Grand, Miss Supranational and Supermodel International.
After many assignments and challenges there are still 6 girls that made it to the finals and have a change to wear one of the BaroQco crowns.
We would like to get to know these 6 great girls and let them introduce themselves to the world.

Half way there, Robin Romijn

Who are you?

A 26 year old animal and beauty fanatic who has lived a turbulent life, nice to meet to, I am Robin Romijn. I’m
currently a student to get my second-degree in teaching, specialized in animal care and behavior. Also am I
working as a freelancer for De Dierentrainers Academie. Since 2018 I am the personal assistant and an animal
trainer. As you can see I’ll put my passion for animals into my worklife!

But in my spare time I’m a true beauty queen and always busy with how I look, how I present myself to other
people and staying healthy. This was not always the case, like many other people I’ve been bullied for a long
time and after this I was diagnosed with a personality disorder. This didn’t made me feel better at all, way
worse you can say. I felt I’ve had a label where everyone has an opinion about and would judge me. But during
this time I’ve found my passion for make-up, worked as an MUA, followed my own diet and lost 8 kg’s and
started an photography study for a year long. I was confident about the fact that I have grown and was
beginning to love myself and this is when I entered my first beauty pageant.

When and how did you enter the world of beauty pageants?

In 2016 I thought I felt confident enough to enter Miss Beauty of Gelderland, so I did. I was chosen to be one of
the finalist and started a new path in my life. If learned more about myself and also that I was busy with
comparing myself to all the other girls, everyone was better and I wanted to be them. The organization gave us
so much, training days, catwalk training, photoshoots etc. and the best result: friends for life. But my self-
confidence went down and I started to realize I’ve entered this world with the wrong mindset. I just wanted
acknowledgement about being beautiful and being good enough, but I needed to start with myself and not
with how other people think about me.

And luckily Miss Beauty was the start of this. I did not won a crown and I know for sure I cried when I wasn’t in
the top 5, but my 2 best friends where in the top 5 and I started this road to cheer for other people and started
feeling better about not comparing myself with them, but loving them and me. I helped for many years at Miss
Beauty of Gelderland backstage and this year I felt so many butterflies to enter this world one more time, with
the right intentions. So in secret, without telling anyone, even my boyfriend, I filled in the registration form of
Miss Grand Netherlands, and well this is where I found the real me!

Can you tell us your experience in the 12 months of beauty online pageant?

We started in a new situation for everyone and this was the fault of Covid-19. This pageant was online and who
knew how that works? Well, Robin and Stefan found out the how and did it! The first step was making a sport
video, a dance video and a videocall with Talisa, Robin and Stefan. Oh guys.. the nerves before this first call, I
couldn’t eat or think but the second the phone rings and I saw them.. Well the start of something amazing.
Eventually I was one of the gorgeous semi-finalists!

We all started this new pageant style and learned about challenges and showing in a whole different way who
we are and what we want to achieve. My mindset was ‘stop comparing with all the other girls, but start
believing in myself and give everything you have’. Someone once told me that you have to look to yourself in
the mirror and tell yourself everyday that you can win this! Live by your own believes. But is it all about winning
for me? Maybe at first, but right now I’ve already won. You want to know why? I’ve made it to the top 6 and
even better these two amazing gentleman, Robin and Stefan, made me look for a second time in the mirror and
they showed me who I truly am and that I can tell my story and show my flaws but still being stronger and
confident as ever. I know now that I am not my personality disorder, I am not my past and I don’t have to
compare myself with everyone.

I am Robin and I am still standing strong and I want to be an example for all those who are looking in the mirror
and are lost. I want to show you your true colors, just the way I can see mine now.

What’s your life motto and how do you live your life by it?

‘Take nothing for granted and live your life to its fullest’ this is a true summary of everything I told. You just
don’t get an amazing life as easy as the sun rises, you have to work for it and realize that you’ve did it! You
where the one who took the changes and you where the one who was strong enough to continue with living

your life. And by now I know that you can’t take anything for granted and we must live our life to its fullest.
Enjoying the little things in life and setting daily goals makes this allot easier, in this way you can look at the end
of the day what you’ve achieved and can give all of you every day.

How will your life be 10 years from now?

I will be a teacher for a couple of years now at the Dutch MBO and I will have my own mentor class. My goal is
to inspire and help students to be the best version of their self. Without the support of my teachers back in the
days, I would have never continued my education, I want to be that person for my students.

I will be teaching about animal behavior and training and hope to be a part of increasing animal welfare in
general, it al starts with knowledge.

My second life goal is to be always busy with inner and outer beauty, I would love to work with people to build
up their self-esteem by creating make overs and photoshoots! During such a day I would let them be nr 1 and
let them talk and share our stories. I’ll hope to give them the advice they needed.

And I guess by then we will be owning our own little zoo haha! People always tell me that they see me living at
a big farm with loads of animals, especially dogs! Well doesn’t sound bad right? I love the idea of living on a
farm with my current boyfriend and living our dreamlives.

We wish you so much luck and give you  so many thanks!!!


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