12 months of Beauty, Suzan Lips

12 months of Beauty, Suzan Lips

12 Months of Beauty is the organization behind Miss Grand Netherlands, Supermodel Netherlands, Supermodel Netherlands, Mister Global Netherlands and Miss and Mister Supranational Netherlands.
This year the organization started an online Beauty Pageant to select the dutch representatives for Miss Grand, Miss Supranational and Supermodel International.
After many assignments and challenges there are still 6 girls that made it to the finals and have a change to wear one of the BaroQco crowns.
We would like to get to know these 6 great girls and let them introduce themselves to the world.

getting there, Suzan Lips

Who are you?

I’m a positive, friendly and hardworking woman. I realised on a young age that if you want to
achieve something in life, you have to work hard for it. So I always give my all, in everything I
do! I’m also the girl that always tries to help everyone, no matter what. I want people to feel
good and I will always try to make everyone feel at ease with my open and friendly

When and how did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
Not so long ago actually! Even though I’m 27 at the moment, I entered the world of beauty
pageants when I was 25. I did follow pageantry for a long time on social media and always
admired the beauty queens for their elegance. To me they always come across as powerful,
intelligent and confident women who set a good example for the younger generation. I felt I
wanted to be the same example, but also felt I wasn’t ready yet. So when I was 25 I felt
ready and excited to enter, which led to becoming Miss Beauty of Noord-Brabant 2019 and
2nd runner up Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2019! I’m still beyond proud of that and look
back to that journey with a big smile on my face.

Can you tell us your experience in the 12 Months of Beauty online pageant?

So far I’m really enjoying the pageant experience! Because of Covid-19 the national directors
had to be a bit more creative, but they did an extremely good job on that! Almost the whole
pageant is online and we get challenges to fulfil at home. I love the fact that they challenge
us and bring us to a higher level. You are never done with learning in life so I’m really
thankful to experience this and to grow even more as a person.
My favourite challenge so far was the interview challenge. In this challenge we had to
interview a person who is still facing a lot of prejudices. I really loved to get to know the
story behind the person you might not understood before, and to spread this positive
message further. Creating a world with more love and understanding, where everyone can
be who they truly are without prejudices, is something wonderful to fight for.

What is your life motto and how do you live your life by it?

My aspiration in life is to be happy. It sounds very simple but to me it means the world.
Growing up I always worked hard for everything and I always thought that if I would be
successful, I would be happy as well. So I studied to become an accountant, one of the most
difficult studies. And even though I graduated and was successful, I was also depressed. I
tried to find my way in the financial world by trying different jobs besides accounting:
financial controller, business coach.. But it didn’t make me happy. So I decided to change my
life completely and go back to school for a second bachelor degree. I’m now studying to
become a skin therapist. The skin has always been my big passion and I love to help people
with bringing back their confidence and a smile on their face. I just started with my second
year and I feel like a totally different person already. I’m finally doing what I love doing and
I’m the happiest I have ever been in my life.

How will your life be 10 years from now?

In 10 years I want to be a skin therapist with my own successful clinic. I would like to open a
skin clinic focused on transgenders, to help them with their transformation both physically
and mentally. I have a brother myself who is transgender and watching him grow and
transform to the man he is today has always inspired me. I have seen his transformation up

close and always felt like I wanted to do something to help. So combining my skin passion
with helping transgenders to transform and to find their true identity, would be something I
really aspire to do.


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