FHM top 500

news 28 mei 2016
FHM top 500

It was about time that the new FHM top 500 was published. The last time was in 2013 and was won by Tess Milne, who ranked 8th this time. The 2016 edition is won by Kim Feenstra.

About Kim:

Kim won the second edition of Holland’s Next Topmodel in 2007. Everybody talked about the irritating way she talked.But then it was announced by herself that she had a hearing problem.
In july, 2007 she was arrested for using a pinpas that she had stolen from a disabled man. The man was a client of Kim, who was working as a prostitute at that time. She also had been acting in a porn movie.
Also in july of 2007, some nude pictures were published on the internet. Kim reported it to the police as she was only 17 when the pictures were shot.
In 2008 the man she wanted to marry, Joshua Bathorn, was killed at a stabbing.
Kim has had a hard life so far but nowadays she is alive and kicking! Winning the FHM top 500 proves that! So congratulations to Kim Feenstra!

FHM Top 10:


1: Kim Feenstra (Model and has own clothing line)
2: Romee Strijd (Super Model)
3: Geraldine Kemper (TV Personality)
4: Bo Maerten (Actress)
5: Abbey Hoes (Actress)
6: Doutzen Kroes (Super Model)
7: Sharon Pieksma (Model and Personality)
8: Tess Milne (Actress and Tv Host)
9: Sylvie Meis (dutch TV Host in Germany)
10: Chelsey Weimar (Super Model)

FHM Top 10 Beauty Queens:


1: Jessie Jazz Vuijk (Miss Nederland 2015 at 40)
2: Stephanie Tency (Miss Universe Nederland 2013 at 44)
3: Robin Hamersteen (Miss Italia Benelux 2008 at 52)
4: Celine Huijsmans (Miss Nederland 2009 finalist at 57)
5: Lisa Michels (Miss Nederland 2015 finalist at 58)
6: Danique Ewbank (Miss Nederland 2015 finalist at 59)
7: Kelly Weekers (Miss Universe Nederland 2011 at 72)
8: Hester Winkel (Miss Universe Nederland 2009 finalist at 84)
9: Charina Bartels (Queen of the Netherlands 2014 at 89)
10: Tatjana Maul (Miss World Nederland 2014 at 109)

FHM Top 10 Models from Model competitions:

1: Kim Feenstra (Winner HNTM 2007 at 1)
2: Sharon Pieksma (HNTM 2013 at 7)
3: Chelsey Weimar (Winner the Face 2012 at 10)
4: Sylvia Geertsen (1st ru HNTM 2006 at 39)
5: Ymre Stiekema (1st ru Elite Model Look 2007 at 47)
6: Celine Koningstein (finalist HNTM 2015 at 53)
7: Lara Stone (Elite Model Look 1999 at 92)
8: Claudia Stegeman (HNTM 2008)
9: Rianne ten Haken (Winner Elite Model Look 2001 at 116)
10: Yfke Sturm (Winner Elite Model Look 1997 at 123)

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