Frisky Friday

Historical 08 jul 2017
Frisky Friday

The summer has officialy started in the Netherlands and the sun is shining, time for those swimsuits

At our column Frisky Friday, we will show you pictures from the past with all kinds of bikini/swimsuit pageants and beauty queens in swimsuits from the Netherlands.

From 1967 till 1971, after the semi-finals, a top 15 or a top 10 best in swimsuit was chosen. The Netherlands made the top on 2 occasions: in 1967 and in 1970.
On this picture we see the top 10 of best in swimsuits 1970. On the bottom, second from the left, we see Maureen Renzen, who was among the top 10 best in swimsuit but didn’t make the semi-finals. Many believed that Maureen should have been in the semi-finals or even be in top 5.
Miss Puerto Rico (bottom right) won the pageant.

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