Frisky Friday

Historical 30 jun 2017
Frisky Friday

The summer has officialy started in the Netherlands and the sun is shining, time for those swimsuits

At our column Frisky Friday, we will show you pictures from the past with all kinds of bikini/swimsuit pageants and beauty queens in swimsuits from the Netherlands.

We were very lucky to get in touch with some of the beautiful lady’s from the Miss Holland 1973 pageant. One of them was the lovely Marga Prinsen, who helped us with a lot of information and inside information on the pageant.
On this picture we see Marga in bikini. This picture is in fact a still from the Miss Holland 1973 Bikini specials that where shown during the life broadcasted final of Miss Holland 1973.
Many times the finals of pageants in the Netherlands take place during fall or winter, so they take the contestants to a warm place for bikini/swimsuits pictures and videos. The 1973 finals took place in march. Although the girls went to Las Palmas on the Canary Isles, they still were very cold, as it was not very warm over there when the videos were shot.

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