Frisky Friday

Historical 28 jul 2017
Frisky Friday

The summer has officialy started in the Netherlands and although the sun seems far away, we will keep warm on those beautiful pictures.

At our column Frisky Friday, we will show you pictures from the past with all kinds of bikini/swimsuit pageants and beauty queens in swimsuits from the Netherlands.

On this picture we see Anke Groot being in the semi-finals of Miss World 1973. She also won the Miss Photogenic Award awarded by the press photographers. Anke was the big favorite to win the Miss Holland 1973 pageant but became “just” first runner-up.
The Miss Holland commitee also liked Anke and they did sed her to the Miss World pageant and the Miss Europe pageant. The Miss Europe pageant she won!
This weekend we will know who will represent the Netherlands at the Miss World 2017 pageant and hopefully she will also a big impression as Anke did in 1973!

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