Frisky Friday

Historical 16 jun 2017
Frisky Friday

The sun is shining and its time for those swimsuits.

At our column Frisky Friday, we will show you pictures from the past with all kinds of bikini/swimsuit pageants from the Netherlands.

On this picture we see the top 3 from Miss Scheveningen 1985. The winner in the middle is Rosalie van Breemen. She was 1st runner-up at the Miss Holland 1984 pageant and represented the Netherlands at the Miss International 1984 pageant, Miss Europa 1985 and she won the Miss University 1986. In 1982 she won her first national pageant in the Netherlands: Miss Panorama. After that she won many local pageants, and participated in even more pageants.
On the left of her we see the first runner-up of Miss Scheveningen  1985: Shirley Messcher. In 1981, she was 4th runner-up at the Miss Holland pageant and participated in many local pageants in the Netherlands. One year later in 1986 she tried her luck at the Miss Scheveningen again, but again she just missed the crown as she became 2nd runner-up.
The second runner-up was Karin Vink, on the right.
The host is Ron Brandsteder, who later on married Yvonne Baggen, who also participated in beauty pageants in the Netherlands.


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