Frisky Friday

Historical 23 jun 2017
Frisky Friday

The summer has officialy started in the Netherlands and the sun is shining, time for those swimsuits

At our column Frisky Friday, we will show you pictures from the past with all kinds of bikini/swimsuit pageants and beauty queens in swimsuits from the Netherlands.

This absolutely lovely lady is Brenda van Steenveld who won the Miss Beach Zandvoort 1986 pageant. Brenda has been doing a lot of pageants in those days and won also many of the pageants she participated in.
We saw her in Miss Amsterdam 1986, Miss Scheveningen 1986 and she won Miss Aktueel 1986.
Her runner-up at the Miss Beach Zandvoort pageant (not seen) was Jolanda Bouwman. Jolanda participated in Miss Holland 1988. She made the headlines as she refused to sign the contract and according to her self she was unplaced at the finals because of that.

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