Jessie Jazz Vuijk in Expeditie Robinson

news 03 aug 2016
Jessie Jazz Vuijk in Expeditie Robinson

TalisaMiss Nederland 2016, Jessie Jazz Vuijk, will be in Expeditie Robinson 2016. This reality show on RTL5, is about 16 person who are dropped on a deserted island and have to survive.
There are of course eliminations rounds where the participants have to write down the name of that person that they want to leave the island.  At first is was a belgian/dutch co-production. It all has to do with tricks, pacts and untrustworthiness. Who can you trust and who not?

The show will be aired from september 8th on RTL 5

Jessie Jazz is not the first beauty queen who participates in this television program. Here is list of the beauty queens (and models from competitions) who also participated:

  • Lianne Langkamp (2009), she was Miss Overijssel in Miss Nederland 2003, 1st runner-up at Miss Universe Netherlands 2004
  • Yolanda Koelhof (2009), Mrs Globe Netherlands 2010/2011 and many more pageants
  • Tatiana Tavares (2010), Miss Belgium 2005
  • Zsofi Horvat (2010), Miss Belgium Beauty 2003
  • Kim Veenstra (2010), winner Hollands next Topmodel 2007
  • Tanja Dexters (2011), Miss Belgium 1998
  • Sylvia Geertsen (2011), 1st runner-up Hollands next Topmodel 2006
  • Anne de Baetzelier (2011), Miss Belgium 1989
  • Joke van de Velde (2012), Miss Belgium 2000)
  • Paulien Huizinga (2013), Miss Universe Netherlands 1991
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