Let’s meet Larissa Cornelis, 12 Months of Beauty Finalist 2022

Let’s meet Larissa Cornelis, 12 Months of Beauty Finalist 2022

Larissa has been in pageantry already for some years and for 2022 she entered the 12 Months of Beauty pageant and she hopes to represent the Netherlands in Miss Grand International of Miss Supranational 2022.

Who is Larissa Cornelis?

My name is Larissa Cornelis, 21 years old and I live in a small city called Emmeloord which is located in the noordoostpolder! I love to travel, and I graduated in International Travel & Hospitality. 

Why did you enter the pageant of 12 Months of Beauty?  

I’ve always been a fan of beauty pageants, especely after my first time competing in Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2019 it became my dream  to represent The Netherlands on a International stage, and to be one of the woman who i always looked up to.

I decided to enter 12 months of beauty because I was ready for a new adventure, and I felt more confident to be the best version of myself and 12 months of beauty gives me the opportunity to advodate for a cause close to my heart, which is to create awareness about loneliness amongst young people. 

What difference would you like to make for the pageant world in The Netherlands and why? 

As a candidate for Miss Grand / Supranational Netherlands I have a very clear advocacy which is to raise awareness for loneliness amongst young people, this is an issue that should not be underestimated, yet we still are scared to talk about it. This is something that has to change. 

In order to support young people who are feeling lonely, it is necessary that the problem is discussed. Together we can create a save space where we are no longer embaressed to talk about our feelings and reach out for help. 

What message do you have for your pageant fans?

In just a few weeks we will find out who will represent The Netherlands during Miss Grand International and Miss Supranational 2022. I’m beyond excited! 

All of the sweet support and messages we have been getting from all over the world over the last few weeks has been amazing and it means the world to me, it is so much more than I expected, and it makes me feel like a winner already!


Photographer Johnny ten Have
Jewelry by BaroQco
Hair by Sanjay Ramcharan for Addict Haarlem
Make up by Seductive Glamor


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