Let’s meet the girls for Miss Nederland, Nicky Opheij

news 10 jun 2017
Let’s meet the girls for Miss Nederland, Nicky Opheij

Miss Nederland 2017 has started!

On sunday june 4th, 12 girls were selected out of a group of 100 contestants to be a Miss Nederland 2017 finalist. Miss Nederland 2017 will represent the Netherlands at the Miss Universe 2017 pageant. Since last year the Miss Nederland organization is no longer francise-holder for the Miss World pageant.

For the past few years the winners of the Miss Nederland pageant became more and more famous in the Netherlands. Jessie Jazz is one of the most photographed girls for dutch magazines and was also seen in the popular TV program “Robinson Island”. Our queen from last year, Zoey Ivory, will be seen in ” Dance Dance Dance”. Also a very popular TV program on dutch television.

Off course the girls from this edition hope to win the crown, designed by BaroQco and become a celebrity for at least one year…..

Who are these girls? Let’s meet them,

Nicky Opheij

Busy as she is, she managed to make time to participate in this years Miss Nederland. Nicky Opheij, 22 years old, is studying to be a food consultant, works as a model and is also architectural designer.
In 2014 she won Holland’s next Topmodel in 2014 and after that she was quit successful working as a model. She did a campaign for SuperTrash and her porte folio was growing. But after some time she wanted to finish her studies.
After her studies she tried successfully to work as a model again and now she has started a new adventure, becoming one of the 12 finalists for Miss Nederland.
We have seen several girls who first became a beauty queen and tried their luck at Holland’s next Topmodel after that.  Tamara Slijkhusi even won Holland’s next Topmodel in 2011 after she first did some smaller international pageants.

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