Miss World Netherlands no longer partners with Miss Beauty of the Netherlands

news 09 jun 2017
Miss World Netherlands no longer partners with Miss Beauty of the Netherlands

In 2015 a strong coalition was formed between the organization of Beauty of the Netherlands, owned by Milou Verhoeks (Miss Earth 2007) and Katia Maes, owner of many licenses for international pageants like: Miss Supranational and Miss International.
In 2015 and 2016, provincial beauty queens from the Beauty of the Netherlands were not only able to win the main title but could also be selected to represent the Netherlands at one of the pageants owned by Katia Maes.
This coalition was considered to become a real strong opponent for the Miss Nederland pageant, owned by Kim Kötter, who was at that time franchise holder for both Miss Universe and Miss World. Also because the Beauty of the Netherlands started to crown provincial queens at al 12 provincial pageants and the Miss Nederland organization did end the provincial pageants in 2013. Because of that, the platform of the Miss Beauty is very wide. We know from experience that many girls from several provinces, like Groningen and Limburg, hardly enter a national pageant as they have to travel a long time to go to the castings and there is a chance that you will not be selected.
These provincial Beauty of the Netherlands pageants are organized mostly by former Beauty Queens of Milou Verhoeks.

Last year it was a year filled with surprises in the dutch beauty pageant world. The biggest surprise was when we found out that Miss Nederland had lost its franchise for Miss World. Katia Maes became the new owner and had to select in quit a short time a Miss World Netherlands 2016. She crowned Rachelle Reijnders, who was prepared in a very short time and represented the Netherlands last year in Washington, USA.  In 2014, Rachelle was one of the finalists for Miss Nederland. Many of the other contestants for Miss World Netherlands 2016 came from the provincial and national finals of Milou. Not very strange, as the two were companions at that time.

No surprise and a very strong idea when in 2017, at the provincial pageants of the Beauty of the Netherlands, several girls were crowned Miss World finalists representing their province. Besides the 12 provinces finalists there was also a casting organized in Giethoorn at june 3rd. In the evening of that warm day there was also a provincial pageant in Flevoland, but no Miss World Flevoland 2017 was crowned.

We tried to find out what had happened but before we knew exactly what the case was we read this on june 6th on social media and on the website of Beauty of the Netherlands (its translated from dutch):

“Miss Beauty of the Netherlands ended their cooperation with Miss World Netherlands. Miss Beauty of the Netherlands had a cooperation with the Miss World Netherlands organization. Miss World Netherlands selected one girl from each provincial pageant to participate at the national finals of Miss World Netherlands 2017.
Beauty of the Netherlands has decided to go its own way. We wish the Miss World Netherlands Organization and their beauty queens all the best of luck”

But there was no end to the drama. At the last provincial finals of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands on june 8th, the one in Groningen, a new provincial queen was crowned. The lovely and beautiful Christina Lazaros was crowned Miss Intercontinental Groningen. At the finals of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands in october, there will also be  the crowning of Miss Intercontinental Netherlands. We are not sure for what year that will be.
Thought this would be the end? Of course not. Some of the provincial crowned Miss World Netherlands finalists have decided to give up their title as a Miss World Netherlands 2017 finalist, to represent their province at the Miss Intercontinental Netherlands at he Miss Beauty of the Netherlands finals in oktober.
The Miss Beauty of the Netherlands will select the dutch representatives for Miss Intercontinental and also the Miss Earth pageant. Milou got the licence for this pageant earlier this year when 12 Months of Beauty did not longer want to send a girl to this pageant.

We are not sure if this is the end of the drama……..

We wish all a good year…..

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