MHN50 Nominee, Charlotte Labee

Homepage, MHN50 27 okt 2018
MHN50 Nominee, Charlotte Labee

Charlotte Labee was crowned Miss Universe Top Beauty Netherlands 2008. She was the first one for the Netherlands to go to the Miss Universe pageant after two years of no shows for our country.
That she is very friendly we learned when we asked her to pose for our 12 Months of Beauty calendar in 2008 and she said yes without any hesitation.
After she crowned the new Miss Universe Netherlands 2009, she started a career at Farouk, one of the sponsors of Miss Universe and also of the Miss Nederland pageant at that time. Charlotte created the FYI magazine for the brand that had a lot of articles about the Miss Universe pageant and the Miss Nederland queens.
Nowadays she helps people to get the right mindset, lifestyle and happiness.
We think. great personality to be nominated for the MHN50.

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