MHN50 Nominee, Kelly Weekers

Homepage, MHN50 13 okt 2018
MHN50 Nominee, Kelly Weekers

Melissa Peusens her third nominee:

The next beauty queen I would like nominate for the MHN50 is the beautiful Kelly Weekers. This beauty from the province of Limburg was crowned Miss Netherlands and represented our country at the Miss Universe 2011 pageant.
Kelly did a very good job as she finished in the top 16. So, after 19 years of non-placements for the our country we placed again at the Miss Universe pageant.
Kelly was noticed because of her beautiful blond hair, her very long legs and her smile. She looked like an angel and with her positive energy you had to notice her.

For me Kelly is a real example for all beauty queens. She is not just beautiful from the outside but also from the inside. She is the perfect example of a beauty with brains. she is also hs a degree in psychology since 2012. She published a book, ” HappyLife365″ so she also a real business  woman.
Also no stranger for the audience as she can be seen on dutch television as an expert on RTL Boulevard.

Kelly Weekers, our 11th nominee 

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