Michael Glenn van den Berg is Mister International Netherlands 2014

news 29 jun 2014
Michael Glenn van den Berg is Mister International Netherlands 2014

We witnessed a historical moment on saterday june 28th at the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam. For the first time a all male beauty pageant was held in the Netherlands: Mister International Netherlands 2014.
The winner of the 12 good-looking men will represent the Netherlands at the Mister International pageant in South-Korea.
Among the judges we saw Miss Earth Netherlands 2013, Wendy-Kristy Hoogerbrugge and Miss India Holland and Indian Princess of the World Nadine Makhanlal.

After the introduction round we saw the men in underwear, fashion wear and evening wear. The last competition round for all was the question from the boll. The judges had the hard task to pick just 5 finalists. They were Michael Glen van den Berg, Qusay Alobaidi, Maurice de Jonge, Kusad Yaman and crowd favorite Shahir Olbina.
The 5 had to convince the jury why they had to be the winner of the evening.

Before the winner was announced 6 awards were presented by Miss India Holland 2014, Miss India Holland 1st ru, Miss India Holland 2nd ru, Miss Earth Netherlands 2014, Miss Supranational Netherlands 2014 and Miss Grand Netherlands 2014.

We would like to congratulate not only Michael but all the 12 men and the organizer of this event: Lyron Martina


Here are the complete results:

1: Michael Glenn van den Berg

2: Kusad Yaman
3: Shahir Olbina


– Qusay Alobaidi
– Maurice de Jonge

Mister Sympathico: Shahir Olbina
Mister Photogenic: Pieter Minze Vries
Mister Charity: Shahir Olbina
Mister Popularity: Shahir Olbina
Public Choice: Maurice de Jonge
Best Body: Dwayne Westenburg


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