Miss and Mister Supranational 2017

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Miss and Mister Supranational 2017

The last male and female grand slam pageant of the year was held last weekend. In the Polish ski-resort of Krynica Zdrój at the ice-hockey arena the big gala final took place. The Netherlands was represented by Miss Supranational Netherlands 2017, Shanna Boeff and Mister Supranational Netherlands 2017, Ferdi Caglayan.
Both had made a big impression on the fans but also on the staff and the other participants.

For Shanna it was her 3rd pageant this year. She was crowned Miss Intercontinental Zuid-Holland during the Beauty of Zuid-Holland pageant and represented her province at the Beauty of the Netherlands trying to win the Miss Intercontinental Netherlands crown. Shanna became 1st runner-up at not only for the Miss Intercontinental Netherlands pageant but also at the Top Model of the Netherlands pageant.
Robin and Stefan of 12 months of Beauty were present at the finals and saw a lot of potential in the lovely blond and asked her if she wanted to represent not only them but also the Netherlands at one of the biggest pageant productions in the World. Luckily for them she said yes.

Shanna showed a lot of progression during the months before the international pageants and represented the Netherlands at such a high level during her stay in Polen and Slovakije that many believed she would make the top 20 at least.
Unfortunately she just missed the top 20 but she stayed so strong and happy, she shined throughout the whole evening.

The very handsome Ferdi Caglayan was asked by Robin and Stefan after they were tipped by Ryan Sheikrojan, the beauty director of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands. Ferdi was one of the contestants at the Men Universe 2017 pageant but did not get into the finals of that pageant.
After the first meeting between Ferdi and 12 Months of Beauty there was a big click between them and Ferdi started the preparations for the international finals. Ferdi got many fans from all around the world during his stay in Polen and Slovakije, so there was no surprise when his name was called out as one of the 20 semi-finalists.

The international titles were won by the lovely Miss Korea, Jenny Kim and by the tall handsome Mister Venezuela,  Gabriel Correa.

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