Miss Beauty of Gelderland 2019

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Miss Beauty of Gelderland 2019

The biggest pageant in the Netherlands, Miss Beauty of the Netherlands has started their castings.
The first casting was that of Miss Beauty of Gelderland and Miss Teen of Gelderland.
Last year Miss Beauty of Gelderland did not win any of the crowns during the finals of Miss Beauty, so they will go for gold this year.
Last years winners were: Miss Intercontinental Gelderland, Malissa Winkelman, Miss Teen of Gelderland, Jennifer Descendre and Miss Beauty of Gelderland, Lisanne Meppelink.
Although not a crown last year, Jennifer Descendre, one of our picks for the crown of Miss Teen, became 1st runner-up at the Miss Teen of the Netherlands finals.

Last years trio: Lisanne, Jennifer and Malissa

Here are the 16 teens:

  • Colita Arends
  • Sophie Bannink
  • Roby Bijl
  • Louise De Vries
  • Estelle Hagen
  • Constance Kersjes
  • Sanne Meijerhof
  • Anouck Nieuwenhuis
  • Nahyla Pol
  • Annique Roes
  • Isabeau Smits
  • Maartje ter Wal
  • Britt Vaatstra
  • Bibi van Ark
  • Dewi van der Veen
  • Genevieve van Dijk

Colita is with her 14 years the youngest of the group while 8 of the 16 are 17 years old.
Funny detail is that there is no finalist from the capital of Gelderland, Arnhem.

15 of the 16 finalists of Miss Teen
photo by: Martin van den Tweel – Tweel Light Zone

The 14 finalists for Miss Beauty of Miss Gelderland are:

  • Lisa ter Horts, 18
  • Rosalin van Tuyl, 25
  • Juno Rutten, 19
  • Jasmijn Hofmeijer, 18
  • Naomi Dorland, 18
  • Kimberly van Knijff, 24
  • Amber van Meerveld, 21
  • Joelle Weening, 20
  • Nina de Mul, 21
  • Mara Vriezen, 22
  • Iris Hulleman, 20
  • Nikki Prien, 20
  • Shannon Kosman, 22
  • Carolien Schouten, 21

Also no finalists from Arnhem in this group of finalists.

14 beauties for Gelderland
photo by: Martin van den Tweel – Tweel Light Zone

Thanks Charina and bjorn from the Miss Beauty of Gelderland organization for your updates.
We will follow you great pageant.

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