Miss International Netherlands, Katia’s 5 so far….

Historical 18 jun 2015
Miss International Netherlands, Katia’s 5 so far….

The Miss International beauty pageant started in 1960, when the Miss Universe Organization left Long Beach California, after almost 10 years as host city, to continue  their pageant in Miami Beach. The people of Long Beach were very disappointed about that and so they started a new international beauty pageant: The International Beauty Congress, nowadays known as Miss International.
The dutch girls were very successful in the beginning of the pageant; Stanny Baer won in 1961, Rina Lodders was 3rd runner-up in 1962 and in 1965 Elaine Bollen was a semi-finalist.
The pageants moved again to Japan in 1968 where the finals took place until 2007. After that year the finals always were in the far east in places like: Macau, China and off course Japan.
After 1965 the Netherlands had to wait until 1975 when Miss Holland was a semi-finalist again. The 80’s are also a successful decade for the Netherlands, with 3 semi-finalists in 1983, 1986 and in 1989. In 1985 Jacqueline Schuman was 2nd runner-up at her second Miss International pageant (red: her first Miss International pageant was in 1982).
The girls that were chosen to represent the Netherlands were always the winner or a runner-up at the Miss Holland pageant till 1990.
In 1990 the Miss Holland organization lost their franchise to send a girl to the Miss Universe pageant after they already lost the Miss World franchise in 1989. So after 1990 they did not organize a Miss Holland pageant but hand-picked a Miss Holland who would represent our country at the Miss International pageant.
In 1994 they sold the franchises they still had to the Miss Universe Netherlands organization and again a runner-up from the Miss Holland 1994 pageant, Sabine te Vrede, went to the Miss International finals, where she placed as a semi-finalist. They also were responsible for the dutch representatives in the two following years. In 1998 the dutch license went to the Miss Nederland organization who did only send two girls in 1998 and in 2001 to the international pageant.
Since 2009 the dutch franchise is with Katia Maes. So far she has been quite successful with one semi-finalist in 2011 and a 1st runner-up in 2013.

At this time the preparations have already started for the Miss International Netherlands 2015 pageant.
Would you like to represent the Netherlands at the Miss International 2015 beauty pageant please contact: info@misstoerisme.nl

Here are Katia’s 5 so far:


MINeth2009 313Roline Hund

At Claus Event Centre in Hoofddorp the finals took place of the Miss International Netherlands 2009 pageant with 11 finalists. It was for the first time there was a pageant in the Netherlands where the winner would go to the Miss International pageant.
There were many new faces in the pageant, like the lovely Roline Hund who ran away with the crown and the sash of Miss International  Netherlands 2009. It was the start of a real beauty pageant career for Roline. At the international finals she did not place among the semi-finalists.
In 2010 she went to the Miss Friendship pageant in China and in 2011 she was the second dutch girl to go to the Miss Supranational pageant. Also in 2011 she tried her luck at the Miss Flevoland pageant, a preliminary for the Miss Nederland pageant where she was a finalist. In 2014 she became a semi-finalist at the Miss Bride of the World pageant.


Jorien van der Harst

After several selection rounds it was Jorien van der Harst who got the honor to represent the Netherlands at the Miss International 2010 pageant. She stood out as Jorien is one of the tallest girls ever to represent the Netherlands at an international pageant. Although being a favorite among the audience and photographed by many, she did not place at the pageant.
Like Roline, in 2009, she was a newcomer in the world of beauty pageants and for her it was for also the start of a beauty pageant career and a modeling career.


Tari Hertsenberg

Again a newcomer for Katia in the Miss International pageant: Tari Hertsenberg (full name: Talitha Esra Hertsenberg). She was the third blond girl in a row to represent the Netherlands at the Miss International pageant. Tari would be the first girl to become a semi-finalist for the Netherlands at the this pageant after 16 years. It was Sabine te Vrede who was the last dutch girl to become semi-finalist in 1994. Katia was happy, as it was also her first semi-finalist at this pageant
In 2012 Tari became Miss Gelderland the preliminary for the Miss Nederland finals. Tari was one of the favorites to get one of the two crowns and become a part of the second Team Miss Nederland. She became one of the finalists, but did not win one of the crowns.


Nathalie den Dekker

Nathalie den Dekker started her international beauty pageant career at Katia’s back in 2010. In 2010 she went to: Miss Supranational, Miss Bikini International (top 26 and Miss Healthy Body), Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International (semi-finalist) and Miss Tourism International (WINNER).
In 2012 she was asked to represent the Netherlands at the Miss World pageant (top 15)and later that year also at the the Miss Universe pageant (where she placed 19th and 2nd runner-up at the Miss National costume), therefore she is Miss Nederland 2012 as the two girls who won the pageant later that year went to the pageants in 2013.
In 2013 she was elected as Miss International Netherlands. Nathalie was an instant favorite for the crown and in the end she became 1st runner-up at the finals.

Shauny Bult by Ron Eskens Soowpictures

Shauny Bult

Again an instant favorite for the title when it was announced that the beautiful Shauny Bult would represent the Netherlands at the Miss International 2014 pageant. For Shauny it wat the second grand slam pageant as she already went to the Miss Earth pageant in 2012. In that same year she tried her luck at he Miss Brabant 2012 pageant, a preliminary for the Miss Nederland pageant, where she was 2nd runner-up to the latter Miss World Nederland 2013 Jacqueline Steenbeek.
Although being one of the top contenders and placed as number one at many beauty pageant-blogs she did not place among the top 10. It was a big shock among the fans, the audience and the blogs and it was a big topic on social media for a few weeks.
Shauny decided to focus on her studies in 2014 but when 12 Months of Beauty asked her to go to the Miss Grand International pageant later this year, she was very honored and so the world will see Shauny once again at an international pageant.

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