Miss International, the Dutch Girls… ’70-’74

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Miss International, the Dutch Girls… ’70-’74

The Miss International beauty pageant started in 1960, when the Miss Universe Organization left Long Beach, California, after almost 10 years as host city, to continue their pageant in Miami Beach. The people of Long Beach were very disappointed about that and so they started a new international beauty pageant: The International Beauty Congress, nowadays known as Miss International.
In the 80’s there were several incidents according the Miss Holland pageant. Beauty pageants were therefore not really popular in the Netherlands although the dutch girls did a good job at the international pageants. Of course the popularity increased when Angela Visser became Miss Universe in 1989.
The 70’s were very uneasy with various scandals at national and at international beauty pageants.
But the Miss International pageant did not have big issues during the 70’s.
The first part of the 70’s did not have semi-finalist at the Miss International for the Netherlands. In fact there was only one semi-finalist at the three big beauty pageants at that time (Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International) at he first half of the 70’s. In 1973, Anke Groot was a semi-finalist at the Miss World pageant.
Lets see about the 5 girls who represented the Netherlands at the Miss International from 1970 till 1974


Marjolein Abbink

In 1970 the Netherlands were represented at the Miss International 1970 pageant by Miss Holland 1968, Marjolein Abbink. At the time she was crowned Miss Holland 1968, she was to young to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Universe pageant and she represented te Netherlands only at the Miss Europe pageant. In 1970 she was old enough to go to one of he big 3 and she was asked to represent the Netherlands at Japan where she was unplaced.


Ans Krupp

Not much is know about Ans Krupp, who went to Japan to represent the Netherlands at the Miss International 1971 pageant. In her bio it said that she wanted to become an actress. She was unplaced at the pageant.


Monica Strotmann

One of the runner-ups at the Miss Holland 1972 pageant, Monica Strottman, represented the Netherlands at the Miss International 1972 pageant. She already was also a runner-up at  the Miss Holland 1971 pageant and went to the Miss World 1971 pageant. Monica already had her suitcases packed for the Miss Universe 1972 pageant as the Miss Holland committee said they could not get in touch with Miss Holland 1972, Jenny ten Wolde, prior to the Miss Universe pageant. But Jenny started a law suit against the committee and she won. Monica was of course also disappointed but was asked to go the Miss International later that year.


Yildiz de Kat

In 1973, the Dutch people saw how Yildiz de Kat was crowned Miss Holland 1973. She was a model at that time. She did not go to the Miss Universe 1973 and also not to the Miss Europe 1973 pageant. In those years almost every Miss Holland went to those 2 pageants. Yildiz went to the Miss International 1973 pageant, where she was unplaced.
She later wrote some books on how to raise children.


Nana Beetstra

Nana Beetstra was the 3rd runner-up at the Miss Holland 1974 pageant. She was also 2nd runner-up at the Miss Photogenic award at that pageant. She did not place at the Miss International 1974 pageant but did win the “Best National Costume” award.



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