Miss World Netherlands 2019

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Miss World Netherlands 2019
The finalists for Miss World Netherlands 2019

For some of the dutch girls there was no time to find easter-eggs on easter-sunday last week. These girls had another exciting day.
At a dance-school in Zeewolde of Samantha de Jong the casting was held for Miss World Netherlands 2019.
Who will be crowned by Miss World Netherlands 2018, Leonie Hesselink, and represent The Netherlands at the finals of Miss World 2019 in Thailand.

At the end of the casting day, 15 girls were announced as finalists. Among the group of girls there are some familiar faces.

The finalists are:

  • Maruscha Sahiboe (Miss Nederland 2018)
  • Kirsten van Esdonk 
  • Mariska Bank 
  • Motuma Kelil (winner Miss East Africa The Netherlands 2016)
  • Kimberly v. Engelen 
  • Roos van Bree 
  • Brenda Muste (2nd ru. Miss Beauty of Gelderland 2018)
  • Milou Roes 
  • Naomi Velthorst 
  • Cherlyn van Dalm (Miss Supranational 2014)
  • Lotte Lefel (1st runner-up Miss Teen of Flevoland 2016)
  • Elize de Jong (top 5 Miss World Netherlands 2017)
  • Jeanne Molenaar (Miss 12 Months of Beauty 2018)
  • Sarah van Alem 
  • Rosa 

photo: Dutch Foto by Laurence Mooij

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