Nynke first to leave HNTM…. or not?

news 31 aug 2016
Nynke first to leave HNTM…. or not?

nynkeNynke Bakker is the first model who was eliminated from Holland’s next Topmodel 2016. Or isn’t she?
Aranxta and Nynke where at the bottom after the first shoot. It was Nynke who wasn’t in the leader and that means you are out of the running. The jury said that, although looking absolutely great during the shoot, Nynke looked cool and that she couldn;t walk on high heals.
But the host of the show told Nynke that there was one last change to be in the running to become Holland’s next topmodel. If she can convince the jury by social media that she still has it all to be a topmodel, then she can be called back in!

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