Philisantha van Deuren is Miss World Netherlands 2017

news 31 jul 2017
Philisantha van Deuren is Miss World Netherlands 2017

There she is: Miss World Netherlands 2017, Philisantha van Deuren. She will represent the Netherlands at the Miss World pageant in China later this year. Born in Assen 21 years ago and now living in Almere, Flevoland. In the Figi  Hotel in Zeist, 16 girls tried to be crowned with the beautiful crown designed by BaroQco Jewels and a cape designed by Pearl Dronkers. It was the second time thew new Miss World Netherlands organization crowned the dutch representative for Miss World.
After an very sporty opening of the show, the girls had to introduce themselves by walking on the stage while in the back a video was shown where they told the audience and the jury why they participated in this pageant and what they had learned so far. This was interchanged with the talent competition where the girls showed the talent they would bring with them to the international pageant. We saw  a lot of dancing but also some singing, piano playing, twirling and we were entertained with some poems. Although a big part of the finals, we never learned who won the talent competition. The show was hosted by the lovely Dian Biemans. The 7 judges included several sponsors, photographer Lawrence Mooij and famous hairstylist Lucienne Beijerinck. The head of the judges was the Belgian Filip van den Berghe.
After the girls had all introduced themselves there was a short break. After the break the talent competition continued interchanged by the evening wear round. The girls were wearing dresses by Elégance et Chic Dress from Belgium.
After these three competitions the top 5 was announced, Lynn Peters, Philisantha van Deuren, Rachel Aussems, Annet Lopez and Elize de Jong. Some of the pre-favorites mentioned by many websites and blogs were left out of the top 5.
These 5 girls had to change into another dress. During this short dress change the Miss Charity was announced: Lynn Peters, who was not on stage as she was changing in the dressingroom as she was one of the top 5, won. Also we saw the national costume the new Miss World Netherlands will be bringing with her to China. This costume is designed by Belgian designer, Roman van Dycke and showed by 1st runner-up from Miss World Netherlands 2016, Zoë Niewold.
When the girls were back onstage  a top 3 was announced and we learned who 2nd, 1st runner-up and the new Miss World Netherlands were. They were Annet, 2nd runner-up, Rachel, 1st runner-up and Philisanta, Miss World Netherlands 2017.
After more then 3,5 hours we saw a happy Philisantha being crowned by Rachelle Reijnders, Miss World Netherlands 2016.
Philisantha was one of the newcomers in the world of beauty pageants when she entered the Miss World Netherlands but impressed the organization and the judges with her natural beauty and modest appearance during the pre-pageant activities and the final.
We wish Philisantha alle best of luck in China.

(photo’s: Robin@Misshollandnow)

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