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16 july – 22 july

angela visser

This picture of Angela Visser, Miss Holland 1988 and Miss Universe 1989, was taken special for the dutch Penthouse magazine. At that time the magazine had it’s famous the hot 100!
In 1993 it was Angela who had won this prestigieus title. Miss Universe 1989 was in the 90’s time quit populair in the Netherlands. She hosted the Miss Universe Netherlands pageant in 1991, 1992 and 1993 and was a judge at the Miss Universe Netherlands 1994. She also stared in many populair television shows from the USA like Baywatch, Friends and Blossom.
This picture of the week was taken by the famous Penthouse photographer Stephen Hicks.

There were more beauty queens in the hot 100. Here is a list with the top 10 beauty queens. In the brackets we see their placement in 1993 and the pageant(s) they participated in.

1: Angela Visser (1, Miss Holland 1988, Miss World 1988 and Miss Universe 1989)

2: Tatjana Simic (5, finalist at Miss Panorama 1984)
3: Sophia de Boer (7, 1st runner-up Miss Holland 1986, semi-finalist Miss Wonderland 1987)
4: Goedele Liekens (10, Miss Belgium 1986, Miss Universe 1986 and Miss World 1986)
5: Manon Thomas ( 18, Mrs Holland 1988, winner Mrs Europe 1988 and semi-finalist and Mrs Photogenic Mrs World 1989)
6: Angelique van Zalen (20, Miss Universe Netherlands 1993 and Mis Universe 1993)
7: Annabet Berendsen (41, finalist Miss Holland 1987, Miss Universe 1988)
8: Angelique Cremers, (45, Miss Holland 1987, Miss International 1987 and semi-finalist Miss World 1987)
9: Shirley Jane Mercier (60, 4th runner-up Miss Holland 1981)
10: Paulien Huizinga (68, Miss Universe Netherlands 1991 and 1st runner-up Miss Universe 1991)

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