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nov 19 – nov 25


The top 9 of the Miss Europa pageant in 1974. Miss Holland, Yvonne Jansen is third from the left. Yvonne did not only to manage the get in the top 9 but she also won the most beautiful legs award.
Yvonne Jansen was not the official Miss Holland from 1974 as wasn’t this the official Miss Europe pageant. There were at that time two pageant who claimed to crown the most beautiful girl from Europe: the Miss Europe and the Miss Europa pageant.
The first Miss Europe pageant started already in 1928. The second one started in 1951.
In 1952 this unofficial Miss Europe was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
It was Yvonne van Wegberg who started in 1972 to crown a second Miss Holland. Her first winner was Yvonne Jansen.

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