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MHN50 Nominee, Celina Manahutu

Celina Manahutu is the daughter of Jacqueline Boertien, who represented the Netherlands at the Miss International 1980 pageant. She didn’t win the Miss Nederland 2002 pageant, in fact, she didn’t even make the top 3. But

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Pic of the Week

week 7 magazine: Revu date: 11 -18 december, 2002 “Miss World and her Roommate” Elise Boulogne and Azra Akin were during the Miss World pageant roommates, this probably because both come from the Netherlands. 

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It’s the Year 2002

This year where we have to deal with several terroristic attacks in Europe and the rest of the world. We will go back to some tragic events in the history that had their influence on the

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