They made it, Part 8: Ineke Berends

Historical 24 jan 2017
They made it, Part 8: Ineke Berends

It’s almost that time again, the Miss Universe pageant. The Netherlands have won this prestigious title once, back in 1989, when Angela Visser did get the crown. The dutch delegates have been a favorite on many Miss Universe pageants, but not that many made the cut.
Many believe, Miss Nederland 2016, Zoey Ivery, will make the cut this year and become one of the top 5. That would mean that she will be the 14th girl to become a semi-finalist. When she would become a finalist, Zoey would just be the 6th girl from the Netherlands to be one.
Who are the girls that made it…?

1977: Ineke Berends, semi-finalist

For the first time the Miss Holland Committee lost the licenses for the most important pageants to Corine Rottschaeffer, Miss Holland 1957 and Miss World 1959. In 1977 the pageant was a cooperation between Corine and the dutch newspaper de Telegraaf.
The winner was Ineke Berends, a nurse who also worked as a model. Ineke would represent the Netherlands at the Miss Universe 1977 and the Miss World 1977 pageant. Her first stop was Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic where she would try to win the Miss Universe crown. Ineke was one of the big favorites to win the first Miss Universe pageant for the Netherlands. According to websites like Global Beauties Ineke has one of the most striking faces in the history of the Miss Universe pageant.
So it was no surprise when Ineke was called out as a semi-finalist. She was very nervous and it seemed that she didn’t feel very comfortable during the semi-finals. Unfortunately she did not make the the finals.
Nowadays Ineke lives in Miami where she runs a catering service. Back in 2006 she did a part of the catering for the wedding of Robin and Stefan from Miss Holland Now.

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