Why should you be Miss Nederland 2015….??

news 05 sep 2015
Why should you be Miss Nederland 2015….??

In just a few days the new Miss Nederland will be crowned. The girls have already been preparing for many months all hoping to become Miss Nederland 2015.

We have asked the girls: “Why should you be the next Miss Nederland?”. This is what they answered, we will publish the answers in the next two days.

Last day, last girl: Elise Winklaar

Elise Winklaar

paspoort-FB-finale_Elise-704x1024Why should I become the new Miss Netherlands ? Because I believe that I have the looks the brains and the mentality to become Miss Netherlands.

A beauty with a purpose I would love to represent the Netherlands at the Miss World & Universe competition. And with becoming Miss Netherlands you get a title that has a lot of influence and with that influence I would love to make a positive change in the world.


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Janike Altena

paspoort-FB-finale_Janike-707x1024I am a good candidate for Miss Netherlands because I want to inspire people to care for each other.

There is so much going on in the world right now and it starts with you!

When I’m Miss Netherlands I can approach more people and of course it feels amazing to dress like a real princess.


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Adriana Mosk

paspoort-FB-finale_Adriana-704x1024I love adventure and challenges. In this case to reach my highest potential physically and mentally.

I want to inspire and get inspired. I would love to share what beauty is to me in awareness in fashion and to network to set up projects with people who want to do good as well. I want to be more than a beauty queen I want to be a queen of beauty.


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Marissa Klouwer

paspoort-FB-finale_Marissa-704x1024Everyone is beautiful. Beautiful in their own way.

And as Miss Netherlands I’m ready to show that with a strong personality and values to live by, there is more to succes than just appearance.


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Margot Hanekamp

paspoort-FB-finale_Margot-704x1024I am suitable to be Miss Netherlands because I love people and want be an example and inspire them.

To show them that when you have a goal in your life you can achieve it.


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Floortje Brand

paspoort-FB-finale_Floortje-704x1024I’m a good listener and care about people.

I’m driven and I will do my ultimate best to represent the Netherlands at the Miss World and Miss Universe elections.


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Lisa Michels

paspoort-FB-finale_lisa-704x1024To become Miss Netherlands is every little girls dream.

I hope my dream can come true to inspire the world to follow your dreams and don’t ever let someone get you down. Believe, achieve, go for it!

💕 Lisa

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Danique Ewbank

paspoort-FB-finale_Danique-704x1024It would be an honour to represent my country at Miss World and Miss Universe. I am a typical Dutch looking young woman who is ambitious and motivated to help other people, especially children.

At the moment I am in the last phase of my study Pedagogical Sciences. I think it’s really important to always be true to yourself and to be honest and loyal.

If I become Miss Netherlands I will give a full 100% to be the best I can be in every way.


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Dounia Rijkschroeff

paspoort-FB-finale_Dounia-704x1024I have always been fascinated with pageants, even as a child i have dreamt of becoming a miss.

When asked to participate in the Miss Netherlands pageant it was a step toward making my dreams of becoming a beauty queen come true. I am motivated, passionate and disciplined. it would be an honor to be the next Miss Netherlands and to represent my country.


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Leila Aigbedion

paspoort-FB-finale_Leila-704x1024Why I think I should become the next Miss Netherlands?

Apart from making a change and having what it takes, I am ready to make a diffrence. Our country is internationaly known for it’s multicultural beauty. Becoming Miss Netherlands will give me a great platform to inspire more, both young and old. And work, care for every individual.


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Rosy Gijsen

paspoort-FB-finale_Rosy-704x1024I am Rosy, 21 years old and I live in Gorinchem.

If I have to describe myself in 1 world that would be: helpful. I therefore believe that I am Miss Nederland 2015. I Always love to be an example for others, and besides that I love to be there for others and actually meaning something and being able to help them. Being a Miss isn’t all about Beauty but also being there for others.

At the age of 15, I went to Romania to do volunteer work on a summer camp for orphans. I really loved doing this. It was very inspiring and I would love to do more for developing countries.




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Jessie Jazz….

11890022_512600538904617_3654597617953840107_oMy name is Jessie Jazz. I am a 20-year-old Dutch girl from Amsterdam.

I came across the Miss Netherlands election by accident. My friend, who is a former contestant and also last year’s winner introduced me to the competition.
She inspired and encouraged me to sign up. I’ve tried my best and worked hard for this opportunity and eventually ended up in the finals.

During my time as a finalist I’ve come to realize how rewarding my job is as a Miss. Thanks to this role I’ve been given the chance to support many charities. I’ve also been able to expand my knowledge and thoughts on certain subjects. Hereby it also strikes me amazing to represent the Netherlands in the rest of the world. I will try to represent our country as good as possible and let the world know how proud I am of our country!

Sincerely Yours,
Jessie Jazz

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