10 Questions for…. Angelica Smeding

10 Questions for…. Angelica Smeding

Angelica started as a sponsor for Miss Supranational Netherlands 2013 and Miss Grand Netherlands 2013. That was just the beginning in the world of beauty pageants for Angelica. Last year she was asked by nanny Verwey-Nielen to represent the Netherlands at the Mrs. Universe pageant in Malaysia. There she won several awards and placed among the top 10.
But if thats not enough, she will be responsible for the new Mrs. Universe Netherlands 2015 as she is the licence-holder for this year. She organizes the pageant together with Nanny Verwey-Nielen.

What can we expect this year and how was it last year…??

We asked Angelica Smeding 10 questions….

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Before you went to the Mrs. Universe International pageant, you wrote a column for our website. How did you experience the pageant? What was your most memorable moment in Malaysia and why?

I had a great and wonderful experience in Malaysia. I enjoyed every moment of it, but what touched me most was the moment I stood on the stage with my evening gown in the finals and the evening we all had a lot of fun play backing and dancing and just having fun.

What will you take with you for the rest of your life, from the experience of the international pageant?

That it is very important if you choose for this to stand behind it for 200% and go for it!! To see what you’re experiencing as a present , and then you can enjoy it, learn from it and stay yourself.

One of the major differences between a miss and a mrs. is that a mrs. has more life-experience and some have a family and children. You have a family of your own, how did you manage your family life when you went to the international pageant?

First and most important is that your family supports your choice and that was like that for me.My family gave me the freedom and space to totally focus on this pageant and they supported me completely and they sincerely liked it.

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You are now the license holder for the dutch pageant, what made you decide to take on this job?

I have been in the entertainment business for years, where I planned and coordinated the security at events, and every time that was a challenge. I also see this as a challenge and I know how to work hard and I want to put down something beautiful, what you also want when you organise a party.
To organise a Mrs beauty pageant is more than looking for beautiful successors, but there is so much from the moment of the casting till the final show, and that’s your task if you organise a pageant, and I love it.

The winner will represent the Netherlands at Mrs. Universe International 2015. What will you tell/teach the new Mrs. that you would have liked to know before you went to Malaysia?

Actually there were no surprises. I think a bit of life experience is a plus, and to have the things you need for the pageant ready before departure. I also got many tips from girls and friends who already participated in pageants. I will also share my experiences with the new Mrs Netherlands Universe 2015.

What are you looking for in the new Mrs. Universe Netherlands, and why?

A beautiful, dear woman who will go for it full of enthusiasm, who is powerful and will keep the title at a high level and represent the Netherlands with pride.

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You are also a businesswoman, how do you juggle your family life, your business and the organization of Mrs. Universe Netherlands? What’s your secret?

I think that if you have a moment off, you should really take that time off and enjoy your rest. If you enjoy everything you do, you keep up the good work, that’s my secret. To have a good home situation and a positive outlook also helps.

What can you tell us about „Women without Scars” and how can your pageant contribute to this cause?

My campagne „Queens without Scars” and „Stop Violence against Women” -the Netherlands was designed so I can still use my title as Mrs Netherlands Universe 2014 to support these causes, but also without my title… I got the chance to start this, so I plan on keeping up doing this.
I want my finalists to look at this issue and continue this campagne. We are going to commit to this as a group.
We want to show the world that we stand for this cause and that this pageant is more than beauty alone.

What will you do/ are you doing to make mrs.- pageants more famous in the Netherlands?

I will always wear my title with pride, I did from day 1 and will always do so, also as the organization of Mrs Netherlands Universe.
On may 31th we will put Mrs Netherlands Universe on the map with gorgeous finalists and a beautiful show, so we can make a a come back the next year and grow each year.
That is my dream and if I want something, I go for it !!

Last year Mrs. Universe Netherlands, this year organization of Mrs. Universe Netherlands, what’s next for Angelica Smeding?

I will keep on organizing Mrs Netherlands Universe, and putting it on the map. Picking up my clothing line Taboo Collection, I didn’t gave it a lot of attention due to my adventure, and making it grow further. And I would like to become a mother.

We want to wish Angelica all the best of luck and thank her for taking the time to answer our questions…


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