10 Questions for…. Yasmin Verheijen

10 Questions for…. Yasmin Verheijen

In about one month we will know who the next Miss Universe is and off course we hope that Miss Nederland Universe Yasmin Verheijen will be the one who will win the crown.
So far the Netherlands have won only once and we have to go back 25 years in time to see Angela Visser being crowned.
Yasmin Verheijen won over one year ago the title of Miss Nederland Universe and has been preparing herself since. We have seen her many times in the media and we are sure she will have a great time and do everything to win the crown.

How about Yasmin…?

We asked Yasmin 10 Questions….

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Who is Yasmin Verheijen?
I am a creative positive person. One of the biggest values I have in life is the respect for other cultures and other human beings.

What did you study?
I studied for interior architect. After this Miss Universe adventure I have plans to study the art of fashion designing.

You won the title of Miss Nederland Universe 2014, why did the jury pick you and not one of the others contestants?
First of all I am very proud and thankful that the jury picked me to be the winner of the title. I don’t know why they picked me and not one of the other beautiful girls. I think all competitors where capable to win this competition.


How did becoming Miss Nederland change your life?
Just one year ago I was a hostess and now that I am Miss Nederland I have the possibility to reach people and my words become more important to more people. Little girls see me as an example so that gives me the responsibility to give them my best.

For many the Miss Universe pageant is the most important beauty pageant in the world. This should bring a lot of pressure, how does it feel and how do you deal whit the pressure?
At the moment I don’t feel a lot of pressure. But I am sure that when the pageant really starts the pressure will increase. Hopefully I will be prepared to handle this pressure.

How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for the Miss Universe pageant?
Mentally I take weekly lessons to be able to handle pressure, take catwalk lessons, go to Yoga and go to the gym 4 times a week tot stay in physical health.Next to that I have a weekly training in how to use the strength of my voice and presentation techniques.

Kelly Weekers was the last Dutch participant who was a semi-finalist at Miss Universe. What will you do to stand out during the pageant so the judges and the organization will choose you to become a semi-finalist or even Miss Universe?
I always do the best I can. I am who I am and that hopefully is enough.


You have several cultural backgrounds and you are very proud of it so it says in your bio. What aspects from these cultures do you imply in your life?
Because I know the ins and outs of several cultural backgrounds and religions I learned to look at every human being as an individual. That’s why I respect every person, no matter the background.

You are a very exotic Miss Nederland Universe and the first dark haired in a line of blonds. Do you think that your exoticLatina look will be an advantage or not and why (not)?
I don’t think it is an advantage because there are many dark haired girls in this competition.

What did you learn from your reign as Miss Nederland Universe so far that you will take with you the rest of your life?
I found confidence in trusting my intuition and being able to talk from my heart to bigger crowds. My ambassadorship for ‘Free a girl’ gave me the chance to make a difference. I will cherish that moments forever in my heart.

We would like to thank Yasmin for her time and wish her the all the luck in the world. Also thanks Kim Kötter of the Miss Nederland Organization…..

Photocredits: Lawrence Mooij@Dutchfoto (Black and white and 

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