10 Questions for…. Saadia Himi

10 Questions for…. Saadia Himi

The Miss Earth pageant is a pageant with many fans from all over the world. The Netherlands have been represented in 12 of the 14 pageants but only managed to get in the semi-fiansl once in 2010.
In 2004 it was the lovely and very friendly Saadia Himi who won the Miss Earth Netherlands 2004 pageant. This pageant was organized by the Belgium Stephanie Moreel who was responsible for the dutch representatives at the Miss Earth pageant from 2004 till 2009.
After the Miss Earth 2004 pageant, Saadia represented the Netherlands at several other pageants.

Whats up with Saadia Himi….??

we asked Saadia 10 questions….


In 2004 you won the Miss Earth Netherlands pageant. Was that your first pageant and what made you decide to enter the world of beauty pageants?
In 2003 I was invited to compete in the Miss Gelderland 2003 pageant. It was my first pageant and I was inexperienced, however I had a great time during the pageant and enjoyed my participation.This experience made me interested in competing in beauty pageants and that’s how it all started.

You were the second girl from the Netherlands to participate in the Miss Earth pageant, what knowledge did you have about Miss Earth when you went to the Philippines?
When I was a contestant in the Miss Earth Netherlands pageant, I searched the internet a lot for information about Miss Earth and it’s past editions. The first thing I’ve noticed was the originality of the pageant and it’s environmental advocacy. After winning the Miss Earth Netherlands title I started following the reign of Dania Prince, Miss Earth 2003 who was my role model at that time.

Can you tell us something memorable about Miss Earth 2004?
I have so many wonderful memories of my time in Miss Earth, one of them is how the girls were always singing and dancing together, even when we were exhausted after a long day of activities, we always came together to cheer each other up and have fun.

You are from moroccan descent, what makes you a typical dutch representative at an international beauty pageant?
What did you take with you to the pageant from your moroccan roots? I was born and raised in The Netherlands where I have always lived and I’m a dutch girl at heart although I’m very proud of my roots, which in my opinion is what makes me a typical dutch representative at an international beauty pageant. The Netherlands is a very multicultural country and I believe I’ve represented the cultural diversity of the Netherlands in Miss Earth.

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If you should choose a charity concerning the earth/environment nowadays, what would you choose and why?
I would most definitely choose WWF, because it strives to create a world in which humans and animals live in harmony with the environment.

Would you encourage the next generation to enter beauty pageants? Why or why not? And if so, how would you do that?
I think beauty pageants are a great way for young women to gain confidence and work on their talents and ambitions. In some countries beauty pageants are a stepping stone to a successful career. However I would always encourage the next generation to focus on their education before anything else.
You already participated in a grand slam beauty pageant and later on you entered 2 other pageants; what did you decide to participate and what did you get out of these pageants?
After finishing my reign as Miss Earth Netherlands, I decided to quit competing in beauty pageants as I was happy and satisfied with my participation in Miss Earth and thought it was a nice once in a life time experience. In 2009 and 2011 I was approached with offers to compete in other international pageants and although I hesitated for a bit I eventually accepted the opportunities proudly and looked forward to travel and compete again.


Although you don’t participate in beauty pageants any more, you still are involved in beauty pageants. In what way do you do that, and how is your future in beauty pageants (or not)?
Beauty pageants belong to a special and memorable chapter of my life, therefore I still follow some international pageants like Miss Universe because I can feel the excitement of the pageant. Sometimes I receive invitations to judge beauty pageants as I have judged many pageants in the past. I also love to give pageant advice to young women who compete in pageants today. I don’t think I will compete in pageants in the future, but you might still see me judging or hosting a pageant.

Miss World is decided to no longer have a swimsuit competition in the pageant, what is your opinion about that? Do you think a swimsuit competition should be part of a beauty pageant, why or why not?
It depends on the respective pageant and what it stands for. A swimsuit competition is viewed by many as a traditional and important part of a pageant, it not only adds to the overall excitement of a pageant, it is also a great way to see if a woman is confident and proud of her body, however times are changing and women nowadays are acknowledged for much more than just beauty. I think Miss World believes that a swimsuit completion is not needed in order to choose a beautiful woman that can represent the women of the world and their purpose and I respect their decision.
What’s up with Saadia in 2015, and what are your plans personally in the future?
I’m a very happy person and satisfied with how things are going in my life, I’m working as a manager in a fashion store and love to spend time with my loving family and friends. My ambition is to start my own company and have a family of my own in the near future.

As always so friendly, thanks for the time Saadia…


photo 1: Martin Reschad
all other photos: Chris Lans

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