10 Questions For…. Francis Everduim

10 Questions For…. Francis Everduim

In just two weeks Miss Grand Netherlands 2014, Francis Everduim will leave for Bangkok, Thailand to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Grand International pageant. This pageant will be held for the second time. For Francis it is her first international pageant and her second beauty pageant. Her first patent was the 12 Months of Beauty Pageant where she won the honor to represent her country.
Francis is preparing already since the finals to achieve at least she same results as Miss Grand Netherlands 2013, Talisa Wolters achieved she she finished in the semi-finals

We asked francis 10 questions…

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Who is Francis Everduim? 

My name is francis Everduim. I am a 18 year old student from Zwolle (Netherlands). At this moment I am in my final year for my training in aviation services.. After my studies I hope to get a job as a stewardess. Besides that I like to dance, sing and shop.

How was it to be a finalist at the 12 Months of Beauty Pageant? 

As a 12 Months of Beauty finalist, I experienced as a fun and educational period. We were a very nice group of 10 finalists and we did a lot of nice workshops and trainings to prepare ourselves completely for the final show, which was on june 1st 2014. I enjoyed the time with all the girls and I feel honored to be chosen to represent the Netherlands in an international pageant.

You were very surprised when you won the title Miss Grand Netherlands 2014, why was that and why did the jury pick you?

It was a surprise for me that I won, because it was the first pageant I participated in. I am still young and I don’t have much experience. In the meantime I am used to the the idea and I look forward to represent the Netherlands during the international pageant. The past period I learned so much and got so much experience, so I can shine in Thailand.

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You are Miss Grand Netherlands 2014, what makes you a Grand person?

One of the main skills to be a Grand person is to stay close to yourself. I think that honesty and sincerity appear more perfect than to pretend to be someone you are not. Everybody is different and that makes everybody beautiful in their own way.

Talisa Wolters, Miss Grand Netherlands 2013 told us that she wants you to place higher then the semi-final spot she had. How will you make that happen?

I have team with specialists to help me to bring out the best in myself. I am busy exercising with my personal trainer Brian Blijd from Body2Last. I get catwalk lessons and Mitra from La Mysore makes sure my skin is totally clear for the international finals. Besides that I think it helps that I hope to have a lot of fun during my stay in Thailand. When you’re enjoying the things you do, you transmit this in everything you do.

How are you preparing for the international pageant and what do you think is necessary?

I did a lot of preparations for my journey to Thailand. I had to get a visum and vaccinations. I am also doing a lot of sporting and eat healthy so I can shine on the stage at the finals.
I also organized a benefit to raise money for the Creating Balance Foundation. This foundation was founded by Ron Gerrits. The foundation was able to build a children’s home for disabled and poor children and offers these children a better future.
After the finals I will bring the money I raised to them myself.

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Your ambition is to work in the travel business. What do you expect to learn during the international pageant that you will take with you to accomplish your ambition?

I think it will be educational for me for sure. During the international pageant many cultures are united for three weeks. It will be awesome to discover all those different cultures and to learn from them. I hope to show the world how beautiful our dutch society is.

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What is your favorite destination and why?

I like to see a lot of different aspects of our world. There are so many beautiful places in the world I would like to see. But if I have to choose it would be a destination with beautiful white beaches and a warm blue sea. To relax delightfully.

„Stop the War” is the slogan of Miss Grand International, what is your personal slogan and why?

What inspires me are the words: „Wish it, dream it, do it”. I have this text very large above my bed. Every day I get up these words inspire me to get the best out of the day. I think if you really want to, you can accomplish everything. As long you go fort with your heart.

You are a young person winning a national pageant and a role model to many young beauty queens or girls who want to be a beauty queen. Who was your role model when you were growing up and why?

For me, my parents have been are my role models forever. They always supported me in all the choices I make in my life.
From my father I learned to go for the things I want with all my heart, and not to give up if there are setbacks. From my mother I learned that with honesty, you get the farthest. As long as you stay yourself, you will get the right people around you who ill make you happy.

We would like thank Francis for her time and wish her all the best during the international finals in Bangkok


Photography: Willem Dijkstra
Hair and Make-up: Francis
Jewelry: Luxury 4 life

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