10 Questions for….Michael Glenn

10 Questions for….Michael Glenn

Mister International 2014 will be held in oktober in Seoul, Korea. The Netherlands will be represented by Michael Glenn who won the Mister International Netherlands 2014 pageant in june. He will be the third mister, after Vincent Cleuren and  Harjot Singh Sidhu, from the Netherlands to go to the pageant. Vincent Cleuren was in 2008 a top 5 finalist and Micheal hopes off course to be a finalist ass well.
Michael is preparing for the pageant and during this he found time for Miss Holland Now.

We asked Michael 10 Questions….


Who is Michael Glenn?

Michael Glenn is a man who is trying to be the best version of himself by pushing the limits a bit further every time.

You were not the tallest of the candidates, how did you convince the jury that you are the greatest?

Off course I noticed that I was one of the smallest, but my focus was never about my height. You see, every second that you think about something you can NOT change is a waste of your second. My focus has always been on the things that I COULD improve and I was hoping the jury would noticed that.

What made you decide to enter the pageant and how was it to compete in the first male beauty pageant in the Netherlands?

The funny thing is that I had a life changing moment 1,5 year earlier. After a good start I had a little kick back mentally, so I was saying to myself: Michael don’ t be afraid to participate in new things and adventures. How can you change your life if you keep doing the things you familiar with? 2 Days later I got an invitation to participate in Mister International Netherlands 2014. I believed this was a sign, I took it with both hands, got out of my comfort zone and here I stand today!

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How did you prepare for the national pageant and how will you prepare for the international pageant?

Physically I prepare myself by training 6 days a week ( cardio and weight training ) and eating as clean as possible. Mentally I try to visualize my victory every time I close my eyes. It is harder then you think but I try to keep my focus pointed to my goal. And last but not least , I am having fun doing it!! This is a life experience that will only come once in a life time.

What in your opinion is the main difference between a male and female beautypageant?

I don’t see much difference to be honest. Maybe I think different after Seoul but its all about finding that person that is most in balance. ( Not only beauty or leadership, physically or mentally ). You have to be balanced on all terms, female or male pageant.

What message do you carry out as a male role model, having a title as a Mister?

My message to the world is that you should have a dream to fight for. Believe you can and don’t let fear take control of your life. Step by step you will get there as long as you keep moving forward.

The Netherlands have never won a male beauty-pageant, what will you do to make it happen?

Same as I did in Holland! Give it all I got and try to be kind to anybody without losing focus on my goal. If that is not enough I can’t do any better at that moment.


What will you tell your roommate at Mister International about the Netherlands that makes you proud about your country?

I would tell him that a small country like Holland has produced a lot of talented people  who are working all over the world and that our country may be small but that we stand united in times of need and then there is no job to hard or no mountain to high.

What role do you see for male beauty-pageants in the Netherlands? 

I don’t see it getting popular in Holland very fast, I think what I need to do, is show the ups and benefits of this pageant. Try to help as many people as possible and stand for good principles, so the attention we need will get there because of the results we produced.

What about Michael Glenn in 10 years ?

Difficult question for me to answer because my primary goal is now winning the Mister International 2014 pageant and after that I wil set new goals to achieve. but I like modeling, acting and sports so I guess I will end up in one of those categories.

We Would like to thank Michael and his organization for this interview



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