10 Questions for… Jeanine de Vries

10 Questions for… Jeanine de Vries

Jeanine de Vries became Miss TT Festival last year and Robin and Stefan of 12 Months of Beauty gave her a wildcard for Miss Grand Netherlands 2017 and asked her to join the Supermodel Netherlands 2017 competition. This competition was held last year october in Nuenen.
Jeanine won this competition and in a few days she will leave for India to compete for the Supermodel International 2017 competition.
She will not go alone, Supermodel Netherlands 2016, Leila Aigbedion will accompany her during her stay. Leila was asked by the international organization of Supermodel International to join their team this year.

How will Jeanine prepare herself? We asked her 10 questions.

Who is Jeanine de Vries?
I am 25 years old, born and raised in the high north in the province of Groningen, but I am living with my boyfriend, already a year now in Waddinxveen (Province of Zuid Holland).
My hobbies are doing fun stuff with my family and friends, watching movies, swimming, shopping, beauty pageants, traveling and to learn about other languages and cultures. My interest goes to history and I love animals and nature.

Why are you Supermodel Netherlands 2017?

The jury thought I was intelligent. And that was also my purpose! In 2 minutesI had to present myself through a pitch. This was quite a hard task. I always do and want to be different than others to pop out of the crowd. That’s why I introduced myself in four different languages: english, german, spanish and dutch. I had never seen somebody do this, so the was something unique. I always try to think out of the box. Good photo’s are of course important, besides that they thought I did a good catwalk. I showed myself and the clothes very clearly. Furthermore I am always kind to everybody, everywhere. Nothing comes to you automatically, so I am grateful for every chance I get and to everybody I meet. I don’t take that for granted and maybe the jury noticed that as well. They know that if I go for something, I give myself for a hundred percent and nothing less.
“Behind Beauty I Am An Independent, Strong And Confident Woman. Just What They Need.”

How do you prepare for the International pageant?
First I watch my diet. I eat as little sugar and salt as possible and as many fresh healthy products without sauces, like vegetables, fruit, fish and very important I drink a lot of water. Besides that I exercise a lot. My personal trainer was proud that I changed so much in a positive way in such a short period (lower fat percentage and more energy). That is very stimulating. I also read the Supermodel International Handbook very meticulously. I know what they expect from means that is very good. Image a checklist of everything I have to take with me and I check off everything, and so I know if have everything in my luggage that I have to bring. Not only the stuff in m suitcase is important, there are vaccinations I had to take and don’t forget the visa! I think I have everything in order! I also look at photo’s and films from previous years. That’s great to watch and to prepare myself mentally. For tips and advise I went to THE beauty queen of the Netherlands: Talisa Wolters. She has already participated in so many international pageants. It would be stupid not to get advise from her! Besides everything I keep on practicing my catwalk skills and I read english books and watch movies in english to keep up my english skills.

What do you expect of the International pageant?
I expect that I will experience an unforgettable time in India. A period of hard work training, photoshoots, catwalktraining, press conferences and media, visits to sponsors and interviews, and in the mean time visiting the beautiful sights and culture. I expect it to be organized very well, and I also hope to meet nice and special people, especially the organization. Hopefully I get a click with the other contestants and maybe I get some more friends with the same passion. That would be great, but I also will of course compete with them. We are going to present an awesome show!
This is a period which cannot be taken from me and which I will never forget.

What’s the difference between a beauty pageant and a model competition, like Supermodel International?
Supermodel International is more of a combination of a beauty pageant and a model competition. That makes it very special, because there is a big difference between a beauty queen and a model.
A beauty queen works on creating a better world. She works for several organizations worldwide. A beauty queen is more than a beautiful face. The girls have to have a good set of brains and they have to be able to speech, communicate, work together, educate and campaign, in order to better the world, ban violence and hostility. Unfortunately peace is still far to fetch. It’s hard work.

A beauty queen is a woman with passion, she has a message and a mission. A beautiful appearance helps to get the attention. A beauty queen often is an example for young girls concerning her goals. Besides that a beauty queen is beautiful and may have feminine curves. A beauty queen smiles a lot and “sells” herself and her purpose.
A model is slim and often she may not smile , because that distracts the attention from the clothing she wants to sell. So that’s a huge difference.
A combination of these 2 we can find in this pageant, and that makes it so nice and unique and that really suits me. I have a lot of passion for both professions. I like helping people but I also think it’s awesome to create a great show with a great team. To show yourself and the clothes. In this pageant that is possible. I am so grateful that I’ve been chosen to do this! I get more enthusiastic every time!

Do you think a beauty queen/supermodel can make a difference in the world?

Yes, because they are role models to which people look up to. Everybody can make a statement, but with a title and a bit more fame, you have more respect. They have a larger reach throughout the world.
You can use this to reach as many people as possible with your purpose. Media often plays a big role in this.

What makes you a typical dutch woman?Haha what a nice question. Typically dutch in my appearance are my blonde hair and blue eyes, but what I think makes me a typical dutch woman the most, is my common sense. I go to the supermarket on my bike (typically dutch) and I eat a slice of bread with chocolate sprinkles or cheese! And in the evening a great Stamppot. I don’t make myself more important than the next person (Ik loop niet naast mijn schoenen). I am thankful for everything and I am happy with the small country we live in. My heart is in our “koude kikkerlandje”, our cold country.. I like the colorful tulip fields and the meadows with sheep and lambs and cows! Canal boat rides! Gay Pride isn’t anywhere celebrated like in the Netherlands. It’s great living here. Proud Dutch Woman!

The world of beauty pageants and modeling competitions is though! How will you survive?
I am a strong, independent woman with self confidence. I don’t get upset very easy. I will show them I am there and that I am worth it! I am going to enjoy everything and that makes me glow. A glow everybody is going to see! That should make me stand out 😉

Who is your role model in the modeling world and why?
Besides Marilyn Monroe, who made a huge statement with her curves, definitely Doutzen Kroes. First of all because she is beautiful and Dutch! As a dutch woman she has made it. And still she is this temperate dutch woman, she has always been, no matter how much money she has. Despite the fact she works and lives in New York, she also keeps a home in the Netherlands. She raises her children multilingual. How she does that with her successful husband and her 2 children is amazing. She conquered the world and she was the most successful and best paid model from the Netherlands. She did the fantastic Vctoria’s Secret shows, which are still one of my dreams. In 2009 Doutzen was announced as the new ambassador of the organization Dance4Life.
Dance4Life is committed to bring back the number of HIV and AIDS worldwide. Therefor she auctioned photographs; one of them brought up 65,000 euros. Very well that she commits to this good cause. A real role model !

What’s next for Jeanine?
To be honest, I have no idea!
Just a few weeks ago I also participated in Miss Grand Netherlands 2017, and I had a very busy schedule combining the preparation of the two.
Supermodel comes right after, so it goes very quick at the moment. After Supermodel International, I am going to enjoy my rest at home for a little while. Our new home and garden needs some attention;) And afterwards I hope to continue with photoshoots! Unfortunately I am almost 26, that means that participating in beauty pageants comes to an end.
Soon the Miss TT Festival Assen 2017 will start. I hope to be part of the jury and pass on my crown to the next girl! 2 dreams I still want to accomplish. And I would like to be behind the scenes at beauty pageants. I hope to be in a TV show, do a fashion show and be on the cover of a magazine again.A few years ago I was on the cover of the dutch magazine “Vriendin”. It’s awesome to see your face on the cover of a magazine on the shelves! Besides all that I want to continue supporting my purposes. I want to get into history . And I want to travel a lot to see other cultures.

Jeanine would like to end this interview with a few words…

This is my dream. Is this your dream too?

Always remember:

Good things come to those who believe.
Better things come to those who are patient.
And the Best things come to those who dont give Up!

Like I did!

Love and greetings Supermodel international Netherlands 2017 Jeanine!

We asked Jeanine also to ask a question for the next Beauty that will get 10 questions. Her question:

I would like to know what fascinates you most about beauty pageants and why you chose to do this pageant. What tips do you have for upcoming beauty queens?

Who the question will get? Just wait and see.

We would like to wish Jeanine all the best of luck during the competition! And thank her for taking the time in her busy schedule.


first 4 photo’s: Johnny ten Have, Styling: Nadine Stephan for Jofel
last 3 photo’s: vdhoevenfotografie

Crown: BaroQco Jewels


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